Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Brain cancer is a medical condition in which a tumor or cancerous cell growth is spiked within the brain. The accumulation of these cancerous cells is called a tumor. These tumor cells multiply rapidly growing in a very uncontrolled manner. 
These tumors can be non-cancerous (benign tumor) and others can be cancerous (malignant tumors). Tumors that begin from your brain are called primary brain tumors. These kinds of tumors can damage the parts surrounding the brain too. While tumors that begin from other parts of your body and finally reaching to your brain can be secondary, or metastatic brain tumors.
Primary brain tumors are not as common as secondary brain tumors. 

Brain Cancer Causes

The cause of brain cancer is not exactly known. However, medical conditions like a primary brain tumor and other types of cancers such as breast, skin or lung cancer can spread up to the brain, which can result in metastatic brain cancer. There are several conditions, however, which can increase the risk of getting brain cancer. These risks include:
●    Unhealthy Radiation over head
●    Intake of immunosuppression 
●    Family History of Brain Cancer 
●    Smoking
●    Viral Infection
●    Exposure to chemicals such as Benzene, jet fuel.

Brain Cancer Symptoms

Since the brain controls your body, any damage or deterioration to the brain parts are going to affect your overall body health. The symptoms are however subject to the location, size, and growth of your brain cancer cells forming a tumor. The most common signs of brain cancer are:
●    Fainting
●    Severe headaches in the morning
●    Double or blurred vision
●    Seizures
●    Severe mood swings
●    Lack of Coordination
●    Drowsiness
●    Speech delivery problems
●    Nausea
●    Hearing problems
●    Memory Lapses
●    Numbness or swelling in arms

Types of Brain Cancer

The most common types of brain cancer are caused the primary brain tumors. In primary brain tumors, the normal, healthy brain cells undergo mutation, get dysfunctional and multiply, killing majority of the healthy cells present in the brain. 
Pediatric Brain Cancer is another kind of brain cancer that occurs in child's brain or the tissue surrounding the brain. 
There are several kinds of primary brain tumors and Pediatric Brain cancer tumor cells that can lead to brain cancer. The types given below get their name from the type of the cells present. 
●    Gliomas: These type of tumor cells that cause brain cancer originate in the brain or spinal cord.
●    Meningiomas: The membranes that encapsulate your brain and spinal cord form Meningioma tumor.
●    Acoustic neuromas (schwannomas): These are present in the form of benign or kind tumors which affect the nerves regulating the hearing from your ear towards the brain.
●    Pituitary adenomas: These tumors are benign and develop inside pituitary gland, present at the base of the brain. These tumors are believed to severely affect pituitary hormones, resulting in disturbing various body functions.
●    Germ cell tumors: Germ cell tumors mostly develop during childhood at the site of testicles or ovaries formation. However, germ cell tumors also interfere with other parts of the body, such as the brain.

Brain Cancer Treatment

With different types of brain cancer, come different type of treatment. The brain cancer treatment of primary brain cancer is different than metastatic brain cancer. Along with this, your age, type, stage, size and the site of the brain tumor also decides which kind of brain cancer treatment should be opted to cure brain cancer. Here are some of the most Brain Cancer Treatment Options:

Brain Cancer Surgery

Brain Cancer Surgery is a commonly practiced to cure brain cancer. However, sometimes the brain cancer surgery is not able to entirely remove the tumor if it is present inaccessible part of the brain. For such problems, other types of Brain Cancer Treatment may be opted.

Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy

Chemotherapy involves the administration of strong chemical doses that kill or shrink your brain cancer cells. They can be either administered orally or through injections.
Radiation therapy is a brain cancer treatment that is widely used to treat inoperable tumor cells. Radiation Therapy consists of X-rays or even stronger waves like the Ultra-voilet (UV) rays. 
In some cases, chemotherapy is coupled with a radiation therapy for a more effective brain cancer treatment.

Biologic Drugs

In other cases of brain cancer treatment, you would be prescribed biologic drugs to strengthen your immune system in order to fight against the tumor. 

Clinical Trials

Clinical trial therapies are used at those advanced stages of brain cancer when certain tumors do not respond to any other brain cancer treatment options.
In cases where the tumor in the brain highly affects your speech, coordination, walk or routine activities, Rehabilitation is considered. It includes physiotherapy, occupational activities and other activities that help you fight memory lapses.