Rhinoplasty-Nose Reshaping

Rhinoplasty-Nose Reshaping

What is a Nose Job?

A Nose Job (technically called Rhinoplasty) is one of the heavily adopted cosmetic surgeries worldwide done on the job to reshape it and improve its function. However, a Nose Job can be done to treat medical conditions also, like breathing problems due to nose disfigurement that may result from birth structural defects. For adults unhappy with the size and shape of their nose, rhinoplasty, otherwise known as nose reshaping surgery or a "Nose Job," offers a safe, effective solution. A Nose Job is believed to improve your facial features on a large scale, thereby restoring confidence in you.

Are you qualified to get a Nose Job?

The majority of people who undergo Nose Job are the ones who are not convinced with the appearance of their nose. They lose confidence owing to the fact that they don't look good. Hence, they turn to the cosmetic surgery procedure of getting a Nose Job done. 
On the other hand, a small percentage of people who get the Nose Job done are the ones who have serious medical conditions such that Nose Job is the only way out. Nose injuries, discomfort or breathing difficulties may also turn to Nose Job surgery.
You may be a good candidate for a Nose Job if you have:
•    a nose which is abnormally big or small in size.
•    a bump on the bridge of the nose
•    a really wide nose.
•    a nasal tip that droops, protrudes, or is enlarged.
•    a crooked nose
•    Injured nose which is now asymmetrical.
•    Irregular internal nose structure

Nose Job Procedure

•    Before considering a Nose Job surgery, you would need to consult a certified plastic surgeon with whom you will first discuss about your nose and the expectation after the surgery.
•    The plastic surgeon may then describe you certain facial features which may enhance your appearance. It would be only after personally evaluating the structures of your nose and other facial features, that the plastic surgeon can confirm if your expectations out of the Nose Job surgery can be met. 
•    Just before the Nose Job procedure, you will get local anaesthesia to numb your nose and avoid pain during the surgery. 
•    The surgeon would then make the desired cuts within the nostrils. In a more complicated case, the surgeon may have to make cuts across the base of the nose too. 
•    Following which,  the inner bone and cartilage are reshaped to obtain a better nose appearance. 

Nose Job Risks

In most cases, Nose Job has a good success rate. However, that is majorly dependent on how highly qualified your plastic surgeon is. Some people may compromise with the cost and expertise of the plastic surgeons, landing themselves into a disaster post a Nose Job. Here are some of the risks of getting a Nose Job surgery done:
•    Bleeding
•    Asymmetry
•    Stiffness in the upper lip
•    Anaesthesia complications
•    Infection
•    Sinus Infection
•    Scarring

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