Eye color change surgery

Eye color change surgery

Permanent Eye Colour Change: Iris Implants

People are born with a certain eye color which itself full matures and develops in their infant months. Eye color can vary from person to person ranging from blue, black, green, grey and hazel. These colors are the permanent eye colors that you will have for the rest of your life. For people who are not satisfied with their natural eye color, there is a permanent eye color change surgery that they can go for.

A change in eye color enhances your look and attractiveness. Lots of people desire for colored eyes. There is a high demand for green-blue eyes or baby eye color change. It provides an appealing look and enhances your appearance. It is not quite possible to change eye color naturally; therefore if you like to change your eye color and wants to know how to change eye color,then this guide will help you to provide you much-needed information.

Eye Color Change Patient Story

Eye color can actually be changed both temporarily and permanently. To change your eye color temporarily, you can wear contact lenses that now come in a range of colors. But for many people, this is not a satisfying solution and it does not look that much natural. However, if one is tired of changing the color and wants a permanent solution for the eye color, then permanent eye color change surgery is the recommended option. So to achieve that naturality and attractiveness eye color change surgery is the best option. The permanent eye color change procedure would change the time and maintenance of the temporary eye color change methods.

We receive a lot of patients every year for eye color change procedure in India. Most of them are from Europe, USA and Australia. They have a lot of questions in mind about the eye color change surgery, the expertise of the surgeons and the quality of care. Please listen to some of the patients who got their eye color change done in New Delhi, as we capture their entire journey in India.

1) Eye Color Change Enthusiast from New York, USA

Eye color Change Surgery in india

2) Eye Color Change Enthusiast from Florida, USA


Eye Color Change Surgery: Iris implant surgery

The eye color change surgery is also known as iris implant surgery. Iris Implant Surgery is a surgical procedure to get a permanent eye color change. It was initially built in order to treat eye injuries and eye ailments which were very traumatic.

The permanent eye color change surgery is an artificial medical-grade silicone implant to cover up the natural iris. A person with issues with light sensitivity or whoever wants to go for a cosmetic change can go for such eye color surgery.

Eye Colour options available:


All colors below include the limbal ring and iris pattern:

  • Ice Gray
  • Smokey Gray
  • Olive Green
  • Sea Green
  • Turquoise Green

2G Eye Colors


All colors are handcrafted to appear extremely natural as a real human iris:

  • Frost Grey
  • Polar Grey
  • Jade Green
  • Hazelnut  Brown (also called Hazel)

3G Eye Colors

New Advanced Generation 4 Color Options for Permanent Eye Color Change

Due to an ever increasing urge to get your favourite eye colors, Brightocular has innovated and come up with new color options called the Generation 4 colors. Since the color options were limited earlier, we could not cater to the requests of a lot of eye color change requests. Enthusiasts would request a particular color of their choice, a shade of green or blue. Now there are multiple shades of Green, Brown and Blue specifically developed on the basis of eye color change enthusiasts. Please have a look at the new and advanced color options below and get the closest match for your dream color.

Advanced Generation 4 Color Options for Permanent Eye Color

Eye Color Change Surgery: Requirements

Following ophthalmic exams are needed to see if your eligible and low risk for the artificial iris procedure and to determine the implant size the doctor will order for you. Exams are performed by an Ophthalmologist M.D., not Optometrist. These exams can also be carried out here, in Delhi as well before the surgery.

  1. A complete history of the patient's medical and eye health
  2. General eye examination including visual acuity and refraction with an without glasses
  3. Intraocular pressure
  4. Gonioscopy of the anterior angle
  5. Fundus examination
  6. Specular microscopy, (endothelial cell count)
  7. White to white and anterior chamber depth done by IOL master, Orbscan, LenStar, Pentacm or Serius and verified by manual measurement. AC depth of the endothelial side and epithelial side
  8. Pachymetry done by orbscan or pentacam
  9. Check for pseudoexfoliation syndrome
  10. Peripheral retinal examination and axial length of the eye

The examination results are to be emailed back to us for the doctor’s evaluation.

Eye Color Change Surgery: Procedure

Eye color surgery is done under topical anaesthesia. Once the eye is numb, the doctor considers it safe to start with the iris implant surgery. The doctor begins with making cuts inside the cornea of the eye and then inserts an artificial iris, which is made of silicone. To make it pass through the slit, the doctor initially folds the artificial iris, which is then unfolded underneath the cornea, in such a way that it covers the natural iris.

As a patient, you can opt for the eye color as per your requirement such as light grey, sea green, baby blue, light brown eyes as well as brown eyes. With eye color change surgery apart from changing your iris color you can also be benefited with the designs for your eye. But remember one thing this surgery is not for everyone. Before opting for the implant you can go for a thorough eye check-up and the doctors will check the eye pressure as well as the number of endothelial cells in your eye. They will also make a comprehensive study on the retina. Then only with proper advice and suggestions from your doctor, you can go for eye color change surgery.

Similarly, you have to follow certain guidelines and rules after the surgery as well. You have to take care of your eye for about a week. You have to wash them on a regular basis and use eye drops for a month. And last but not the least you have to follow a regular medication up to a month along with regular consultation with your doctor.

Iris implant is an option to eradicate the way of using colored eye contact lenses frequently apart from giving a new look to your personality. this medical procedure turns the color of your eyeballs as well as treat damaged iris. The eye color changing contacts is a temporary solution for colored eyes whereas eye color changing procedure is the permanent one.

The implants are made of silicon of 15 mm diameter, 0.16 mm thickness along with a hole of 3.5 mm through which the light can pass through the pupil to the retina. This is an all-new way to customize your appearance by ocular implants. These are basically colored silicon irises through which you can change your eye color. So if you are ever dreamed of having blue or violet eyes then you can get those without having any complications.

Post-op exams are done to monitor your recovery and long term success of your surgery, so if there is ever any hint of an issue, it can be handled right away avoiding any profession serious permanent complications. So far our success rate has been high when the post-op protocol is followed.

Ocular implants can also help you to correct various eye defects and lead a quality life. But you should be aware of complications like blindness, cataracts, and glaucoma. So while changing eye color through surgery you should consider the risks seriously.

The Eye color change surgery for a permanent eye color change has been becoming increasingly popular amongst the many treatments in the cosmetic domain. Many people who have their iris functioning properly may also get this procedure done just because they are not satisfied with their eye color.

Eye Color Change Surgery in India

A popular model Pixee Fox from Sweden, who went 20+ plastic surgeries to fulfil her wish to look like a living cartoon. She chose India for getting her eye color change surgery by our specialist eye doctor. She opted for the Sea Green color as she felt that it’s really extreme that one couldn’t have naturally.

Through a 2.8mm incision, two intraocular implants were inserted. The whole operation takes around 15 minutes. Pixee wants to look like her cartoon heroines like Jessica Rabbit. She travelled to India for her eye color change Surgery. After the operation, Pixee was able to take in some of the sights around New Delhi.


This procedure is not widely available for cosmetic use in most western countries but is often used to correct iris abnormalities. This surgery is getting popularity in India although there are few accessibilities due to the low cost, good infrastructure, and customer-friendly environment.

The eye color change surgery in India is done by Dr Suraj Munjal and it is quite fresh and popular in India. Here you will receive the highest level of quality and technology in eye care and exceptional personal care. As a patient, you will experience complete integrity.


Eye color change surgery can be a nice option to provide an aesthetic look to your eye. It is also known as a cosmetic treatment but it also carries a lot of risks. It can damage your eye and increase your eye pressure which will lead to vision loss. This type of cosmetic surgery is done to change your aesthetic appearance. Hence before going for the surgery you should go for a thorough check-up and consult with your doctor.

Eye Color Change Surgery Cost

Eye color change surgery cost is affordable as compared to countries in the west. The cost of surgery is around 7500 USD - 12000 depending upon the lens you chose.

Procedure Cost in India
Eye Color Change Surgery 7500 - 12000 USD

Eye Color Change Surgery: Patient Selection

Eye color change surgery is not a simple surgery because eyes are one of the most important and highly sensitive organs of the body. Proper patient selection is very important for the success of the procedure and minimizes risks. You must have a careful ophthalmic examination and your ophthalmic tests will be evaluated by our surgeon prior to the surgery. As with any eye procedure or surgery, there are risks. Potential artificial iris intraocular implant complications are infections, ocular hypertension, glaucoma, iritis, corneal edema, hyphema, corneal decompensation, endothelial cell loss, natural lens opacification, iris atrophy, cataract, pupil ovalization and photophobia. Implants can be removed if any side effect occurs. Also, other surgeries may be necessary to control, reduce, or eliminate possible complications.

FAQs on Permanent Eye Color Change Surgery in India

How long does one have to be in India for the entire eye color change procedure?

One has to be in India for around 2 weeks for the entire procedure.

How muchadvance have to be paid to avail the procedure?

The advance is paid only after proper eye examinations and making sure that the patient is a good candidate for the procedure.

How do I find if I am a right candidate for the eye color change procedure?

We have a lit of eye examinations that are performed so as to make sure that the patient is fit for the procedure. List of exams have been shared above.

Can I get only one eye color changed?

Yes, you can, but the cost remains the same as the implants are always customized in pairs.

How safe is the eye color change surgery?

The surgery is quick, safe and minimum recovery time. The post-surgery care is important and one has to keep a check on the Intraocular pressure every 4-6 months.

Can these implants be removed?

Yes, these implants can be removed at our center at a later stage is someone wants.