Penile Augmentation or Phalloplasty

Penile Augmentation or Phalloplasty

What is Penile Augmentation or Phalloplasty?

Penis enlargement surgery, which is also called phalloplasty, is a surgical procedure carried out to permanently augment or enlarge the penis. Most men are concerned with their penis size. Men with a small penis feel physically and psychologically concerned and inferior, especially since men measure their masculinity with their penis size.
Therefore, a penis enlargement surgery doesn't only boost a man's confidence but also helps correct several psychological problems like performance in sexual life and impotence that may have been caused due to inferior complex issues due to the small penis size.
Penis enlargement surgery has been becoming a trend since the last few years, and the number of men who undergo phalloplasty every year has been significantly increasing.
While there are several procedures, non surgical and surgical both to increase the size of the penis, most surveys and results show that the penis enlargement surgery have better and effective result, which are almost long lasting in comparison to the non surgical methods which may work fine in the start, but may become ineffective over time.

Can men choose their own shape and size before the penis enlargement surgery?

Before getting the penis enlargement surgery, men must have realistic expectations from the surgery as it cannot increase the size of their penis by multiple folds.
In fact, every man has a different shape and size of their penis, therefore, how much penis enlargement can take place also depends on their own individual anatomy.
In erect state, the penis enlargement can be from about 2.5-5 centimetres, whereas in the flaccid state, the size can be doubled if there are no complications.
Width in both cases can vary from 1-2 centimetres.

Penile Lengthening:

Penile lengthening is one of the penis enlargement surgery procedures, where the doctors move up the part of the penis, which is hidden inside the body. This part makes an about 1/3rd length of the entire penis length. 
By making an incision at the abdominal site, the doctors cut off the ligaments at the base of the penis. These ligaments are actually cut as they function as the “guy ropes of the tent”, which hold back the penis. These ligaments which once are cut off, allow the penis to move forward and grow.

Girth Enlargement:

Along with penile lengthening, one may also go for girth enlargement, which is another type of Penis enlargement surgery. In girth enlargement, the penis is widened using fat grafts which extracted either from buttocks or stomach to enlarge and widen the cylindrical-like structures present beneath the penis. Thus, the diameter increase uniformly going through to the shaft till the internal pubic area, giving the penis a natural look, even after the surgery.
This procedure is called dermal fat grafting or simply fat grafting for penis enlargement.

Penis enlargement surgery recovery

The average recovery time from a phalloplasty is about 6 weeks. Post the Penis enlargement surgery, a pain-buster or pain reliever system is fitted onto the patient, by using a catheter which discharges a local anesthetic to the site of the penis enlargement surgery.
Several medications are taken by the patient in order to suppress erections, which may otherwise split or rupture the stitches or the fat grafts implanted at the penis.
Patients are also advised to refrain from activities such as heavy smoking or drinking for at least 6 months as these may cause infection and interfere with healing.

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