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Can you Breastfeed After a Breast Reduction Procedure

Motherhood is a unique feeling, and most women want to enjoy the feeling of motherhood at least once in their lifetime, as nature has created a mother so that only a mother can provide nutrients to their children naturally. Breastfeeding ......

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Are Dental Implants Painful-Tips to relieve discomfort after implants

Are dental implants painful? This is a frequent query from patients. Going to the dentist can be unpleasant for some due to the widespread concern about oral pain. It's crucial to remember that effective dental care shouldn't hurt and that ......

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5 reasons you should quit tobacco today

Tobacco related health problems are preventable by saying no to tobacco. The consumption of tobacco causes many types of health issues. Tobacco is one of the top causes of lung cancer. Not only that, tobacco consumption can cause more complex ......

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5 Reasons Why No Dairy After a Dental Implant Procedure

'Why no dairy after dental implant' is one of the most commonly asked questions when looking for a dental implant solution. Since it takes time for the bone and tissue around a dental implant to fuse with your jawbone, most ......

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How Long is Recovery Time for a Brazilian butt lift?

Brazilian Butt lift is a popular cosmetic surgery for augmentation of the buttock. The procedure involves fat transfer to create the fullness of your buttocks. Recovery time for a Brazilian butt lift requires specific do’s and don'ts to follow. For ......

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How long does it take tooth implant to heal?

Dental Implant is a genuine way of modern dentistry for tooth replacement. Implantation consists of several steps such as damaged tooth removal, bone grafting (if required), Implant Post placement, bone growth and healing, abutment placement, and artificial tooth replacement. However, ......

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6 Ways to Recover After a Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty is an operation for reducing breast size. Extra fat, tissues, and skin are removed from the breasts through this operation. Anyone with an improper proportion of breasts that causes several issues like neck pain ......

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Infertility and Infertility Treatment in India

Most people have a strong desire to conceive a child at some point in their life. Approximately 85 per cent of the couples achieve pregnancy within one year of trying. Additionally, 7% per cent of the remaining conceives within the ......

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5 Dental Clinic for quality Dental Care in India at an Affordable Price

These days, foreign patients are travelling to India to seek medical treatment and the primary reason that attracts medical value travel to India is cost-effectiveness, and treatment from accredited facilities at par with developed countries at much lower cost. The ......

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