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Sharp Sight Centre - Best Eye Care Centre in Delhi

Sharp Sight Centre was established in 1998 and is one of the best eye care centre in India. The team of surgeons and ophthalmologists is best in Delhi NCR that cater to not only domestic but international patients as well. It has conducted over 1,00,000 successful eye surgeries, across all age groups. This eye hospital is fully equipped with the state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment for treating eye problems such as Cataract, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, etc.


  • Trained and Experienced Doctors
  • Use of Latest Technology
  • All centres are clean and aesthetically designed 
  • Top Eye Hospitals in Delhi NCR; centrally located; well connected with Metro Railways
  • Spacious Parking for Patients/Visitors
  • Optical Outlet, Pharmacy, Laboratory and well-kept Cafeteria- all under one roof

Super Speciality Services

Sharp Sight Centre is the best eye hospital in Delhi are CGHs and NABH Approved. The team of ophthalmologists are handpicked and some of the finest surgeons in the country. It is amongst the top 5 eye hospital in Delhi NCR & India providing treatments for:

Cataract Treatment

Cataract surgeries have now become painless, blade-free and safe! In case you experience blurred, double or poor night vision Sharp Sight Centre is the right hospital for you to et your treatment done at an affordable cost.

Complete Refractive Solutions

If the burden of glasses or changing contact lenses have been bothering you a bit too much, it’s time to consider investing in LASIK laser eye surgery. 

Retina Treatment

Treatments like Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinal Detachment, Ruptured Retina, etc., can be cured with laser surgery, without causing damage to the retina.

Glaucoma Treatment

Cataract surgeries have now become painless, blade-free and safe! Contact us in case you experience blurred, double or poor night vision. Glaucoma treatment is done at affordable rates.

Cornea Treatment

Also referred to as “thief in the night”, Glaucoma often shows no early symptoms, and gradually leads to permanent loss of vision. In order to prevent it, Sharp Sight Centre has come up with most advance treatments at affordable rates.

Pediatric Ophthalmology

To keep your child away from eye disorders, like Squint, Amblyopia, etc., it’s important to identify and treat them at an early age. This best eye hospital in Delhi will provide your children with the best eye care.

  • Established In 1998
  • Number Of Beds
  • Popular For: Bladeless Lasik, Bladeless Cataract
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