Our Team

CureIndia is founded by an team of experts from different verticals like Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality. The team consists of seasoned professionals who strive to achieve the highest degree of patient satisfaction in different parameters. The professionals make sure that all the medical travelers experience best quality services and work hard to make the entire medical travel process seamless.

  • Highest quality medical treatment
  • Selection of the best consultant, surgeon or doctor for the treatment
  • Selection of the best Hospital for the treatment and budget 
  • Assistance in booking accommodation near hospitals
  • Value added services like Currency Exchange, Multicuisine food, Visa Assistance, Local travel, Local SIM card,
  • We have got strict measures in place to make sure that the entire medical travel experience is smooth. 

CureIndia is backed by a team of professional medical experts who efficiently work together to enhance the access to affordable healthcare all across the globe. We are trusted by enormous number of patients coming from countries out of India, who rely on our healthcare facilities to getting a better life. The experienced medical doctors and staff associated with us are adept in delivering world-class health services to their patients. With an acclaimed stature, these medical experts are available 24*7 to provide quality and prompt health care services. 

Being a team of thinkers and doers, we strive to provide every available facility to our patients so that their medical travel experience in India remains worth experiencing. The availability of expert language interpreters, consultants, medical visa facilitators, etc. makes is all done to lessen your hassle. We, at CureIndia, believe in taking care of the patients by providing the best medical treatment facilities within a considerable package