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Best Spine and Neurology Hospital for Epidural Stimulation in India

IBS Hospital is a prominent organization for neurological disorder surgeries. Expert medical professionals provide the best and advanced medical services. Here, you will receive different types of care for problems with the brain and spine. The dedicated doctors and staff personify professionalism, empathy, and ensuring top-tier supervision for every person.

State of the art Hospital IBS Hospital

Since 2011, IBS hospitals have become known for top-notch medical care in neuroscience. They focus on advanced treatments for brain, spine, and joint surgeries. It is a NABH-accredited hospital. The hospital is also accredited by the ISQUA (International Society for Quality Assurance in Health Care). They have great facilities, a team of experts, and a caring staff. At IBS, you'll get excellent medical care and feel comfortable, like you're at home. More than 10,000 surgeries have been done here with 95% success till now.

At IBS Hospital, the newest technologies, like a surgical system for accurate operations, magnetic stimulation for some brain conditions, and personalized brain maps for treatments, are used. They use neuromonitoring during surgery and have a robot to help with movement problems.

The world-class infrastructure of the IBS Hospital qualifies for safe and successful spine surgeries and neurosurgeries. The excellent medical team, consisting of neurology and spine care experts, helps achieve the best outcomes. Hence, the hospital is also recognized as one of the best for spinal cord injuries.

IBS Hospital for Epidural Stimulation and Other Spine Surgeries:

In patients with spinal cord injuries, epidural stimulation is done to help with things like heart function and other parts of the body's autonomic nervous system. With the best technologies, like 1) nerve monitoring during surgery, 2) advanced critical care like respiratory management and ICP management, 3) the availability of both rechargeable and non-rechargeable neurostimulators, and 4) clinical and patient programming, the medical team performs epidural stimulation with efficiency.

Epidural Stimulation Treatment at IBS Hospital

Supportive medical therapies are given here for recovery and pain management. Moreover, the empathetic medical staff provides personalized care for healing. At IBS Hospital, advanced spine surgeries are done, such as:

IBS Hospital is at the forefront of a range of neurosurgeries, such as:

  • Endoscopic brain surgery
  • Skull base and cranial base surgery
  • Chordoma treatment
  • Cyberdyne
  • Colloid cyst treatment
  • Craniopharyngiomas treatment
  • Epidermoid cyst treatment
  • Glioma and glioblastoma treatment
  • Hemangioblastoma treatment
  • Intraventricular tumor surgery
  • Meningioma treatment
  • Metastatic brain tumors
  • Olfactory neuroblastoma
  • Schwannomas treatment

The department of rehabilitation is also known for its post-care treatment, where they get patients from both India and abroad. They also have a separate segment for international patients to take care of them throughout their medical journey.


To achieve excellence in Healthcare services by offering unique expertise, latest technology, and patient care with kindness, integrity and respect.


To offer uncompromising, affordable, personalized healthcare services with excellence and dedication


IBS Hospital aims for successful outcomes with three fundamental values. 1) Cure for healing, 2) Care for well-being, and  3) Compassion for patient comfort.

  • Established In 2011
  • Number Of Beds 50
  • Popular For: Neuro & Spine Surgery
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