Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers for crooked teeth in India

Dental Veneers (commonly also called Porcelain veneers) are custom made thin shells of made of teeth coloured materials that are pasted to the front surfaces of teeth for an immediate smile transformation. Veneers for crooked teeth can be done in one day. Your dentist will bond a sheath on the surface of the tooth of either porcelain or composite ceramic called as a veneer. The Dental Veneers also provide strength and protection against germs comparable to natural tooth enamel. Veneers are responsible for changing the colour, shape, size, or length of your damaged teeth.

Dental veneers for crooked teeth are generally made from porcelain or resin composite materials. However, Porcelain veneers are recommended since they resist stains better than resin veneers. The choice of your dental veneers can be discussed with your dentist.

When do you need Dental Veneers?

Because of certain dental treatments, stains from certain drugs, excessive fluoride and many other causes, your teeth do not appear appealing. This may call for dental fixing via Dental Veneers. However, you can go for Dental Veneers even when you have issues with the shape disorders of your teeth, which may include:

●    Worn-down teeth
●    Chipped or broken teeth
●    Misaligned or irregularly shaped teeth
●    To bridge the gap with teeth

Composite Veneers for crooked teeth

Composite veneers are made from a tooth-colored filling material. It is bonded on the tooth with composite bonding and hence will enhance your smile.

Advantages of composite veneers:

  • Less tooth enamel will be removed than for porcelain veneers or crowns
  • Composite veneers cost is less than porcelain veneers cost
  • They are easy to fix if they get damaged

Porcelain Veneers for crooked teeth

A porcelain veneer is used as a cosmetic procedure to enhance the smile. It is a thin shell-like structure that is custom-made to fit on the tooth.

Advantages of porcelain veneers:

  • they have a natural-looking surface
  • they don’t stain easily
  • they are strong and long-lasting
  • less tooth enamel needs to be removed than with a crown or cap

Candidacy for getting Porcelain Veneers

To determine if you are a candidate for smile design by dental veneers for crooked teeth, you have to consult your dentist for it. Your5 oral health will be evaluated and the possible treatment options will be discussed. Smile design can be done by porcelain veneers or crowns or Invisalign etc depending on your oral health. One thing that you have to keep in mind that the treatment involving the tooth preparation is irreversible, so it's important that you discuss this with your dentist. If you and your dentist decide that veneers are the best option for you, then you can proceed ahead with discussing the shape, length, width and color of the veneers.

Procedure of Dental Veneers for crooked teeth

Getting dental veneers may require you to at least visit the dental clinic 3 times: For consultation and Dental veneers application. The application of  dental veneers is as follows:

●    Dentist Consultation: The first step for getting Dental Veneers is to visit your dentist, diagnose the dental problem by examination, and to discuss what all can be achieved. 

●    Shaping: To make the dental veneer look natural, your dentist may remove a little thickness of as low as a millimetre from your tooth enamel, which is roughly equal to the thickness of the veneer to be added. Before trimming off the enamel, you would be injected with anaesthesia to endure a painless procedure. The dentist may take X-rays to make impressions of your teeth that can be used to design custom made dental veneers, which would take about 2 weeks.

●    Bonding: Before permanently fixing the dental veneer, your dentist would first place it temporarily to check its fit. If the fit is not perfect, the dentist may trim the veneer till the time it properly fits.

When the veneer is totally ready, your tooth will be first cleaned and etched, to make it a little rough so that the veneer can stick to the rough surface better. A glue cement would be applied to the dental veneer, which is then placed on your tooth. 

After placing the dental veneer, your dentist uses a special light beam to cement the veneer to your tooth enamel. This light beam is believed to activate chemicals in the cement causing it to harden or cure very quickly. In the end, excess cement is removed, if any and dentist would check for your comfort. You may then visit your dentist for about a couple of weeks too so that he can check how the gums' adjustment with the dental veneers.

Recommended doctors for veneers for crooked teeth

CureIndia helps you choose the right doctor for your medical treatment. Most of the doctors in our associated hospitals have been internationally trained and are active members of many international medical councils and associations. Let's hear from some of the most reputed dentists for veneers in India.

Dr Nidhi Gupta


Dr Soumyojeet Bagchi


Dr Sourabh Nagpal


Dr Aman Ahuja


Advantages of Dental Veneers

Provide natural tooth appearance
Porcelain veneers are stain-resistant
Gum tissue tolerates porcelain well
Selection of the color of veneers to make your teeth appear whiter
Changes the shape & color of the tooth, hence enhancing the smile

Cost of Dental Veneers for crooked teeth

The cost of dental veneers depends on various factors, including:

The fees of the cosmetic dentist performing the procedure
The number of teeth being treated
The material used as Porcelain is more expensive than indirect or direct composite resin

How Long Do Dental Veneers Last?

It is difficult to put a number of years for a lifespan for porcelain veneers but generally they last from 7 and 15 years, after which they can be replaced. If veneers aren’t well cared for, the bonding material can ditch and deteriorate. So, if you take care of your veneers properly they will last many years. Brush and floss daily and have your regular dental checkups.