Neck Lift

Neck Lift

Why Neck Lift is carried out?

A neck correction, neck lift or chin lift is a treatment which helps to uplift the wrinkled or sagging skin present around the chin and neck. The sagging or extra skin under the chin is called double chin, something most people have, especially women. A chin lift is often combined with other procedures such as macs-facelift, an eyelid correction, an aptoslift, a forehead lift and sometimes even liposculpture. Many people may not care about how their neck looks, however, when the neck skin starts sagging, it is that time when the initial signs of the age start to surface. Other than age, exposure to sun may cause damage, extreme weight loss may result in sagging or loosening of the skin around the neck which may look aged earlier than usual. This may affect the overall appearance of your face and chin and neck are right below the facial area and lead to confidence issues.

Benefits of Neck Lift

There are several benefits of a neck lift, most of them are long lasting and provide the chin and the neck with a firmer and smoother look. A neck lift:
•    Removes or reduces a “turkey neck” by removing loose and sagging skin
•    Firms and smoothes the wrinkles and creases present around the neck
•    Will improve the appearance of vertical neck bands
•    Gives long-lasting results, which age naturally over time
•    Can be combined with other cosmetic procedures like a facelift
•    Has a high precision involves minimal incisions which also avoid significant scarring.

Candidacy for Neck Lift

Candidacy for a neck lift depends on the following factors:
•    The elasticity of the skin: In order for a good neck lift, the candidate must possess a kind of skin that has a natural flexibility. Skin elasticity is important as, during the neck lift procedure, the cosmetic surgeon removes extra facial skin and tightens the remaining so as the wrinkles do not look visible. 
•    Loose skin under the chin or neck: A candidate may typically consider a neck lift surgery when they have excess skin under the chin and neck and want to tighten their skin in order to reduce the wrinkles.
•    Real and Practical Expectations: The neck lift surgery is able to counter many problems related to loose and extra skin around the neck, however, there can be some limitations of surgery at the same time. 
•    Good overall health: Since the neck lift surgery is an invasive procedure, it may be suitable if a patient has good overall health in order for better healing and fast recovery.
You may not be a good candidate for a neck lift surgery if:
•    You suffer from health problems like blood pressure, diabetes or blood clotting problems.
•    You are a heavy smoker and drinker. Smoking and drinking can interfere with healing and can cause several complications to post the neck lift surgery.
•    You have unrealistic expectations from a neck lift.

Neck Lift Surgery Procedure

The neck lift surgery lasts between two and three hours. The doctor can administer local or general anaesthesia depending upon the choice of the patient, who may want to be out to sleep throughout the procedure.
The scope of the procedure is subject to the needs and objectives of every individual patient. Some patients may achieve the desired result with the help of a simple liposuction procedure, which is the removal of fatty tissue present on the neck. On the other hand, for removal of excessive fatty skin in the chin and neck area along with the tightening, smoothening and restructuring of the underlying muscles can also be achieved. The advanced technology in surgeries now enables the surgeons to perform surgeries such as neck lift through a minimally invasive procedure which only needs small incisions, behind the ears and under the chin. The surgeon removes the excess fat either via liposuction or through surgical excision. In some cases, the hanging muscles are also tightened; while in other cases, a little portion of the platysma muscle may even be removed. After the desired work to fix the sagging skin around the neck and the chin has been carried out, the incisions are sutured.

Neck Lift Surgery Complications

Although the neck lift surgery is a relatively safe procedure in comparison to the other invasive procedures, there might a handful of complications and risks of neck lift surgery. These include:
•    Infection
•    Scarring
•    Bruising
•    Bleeding around the incision site
•    Numbness for a few days post surgery
•    Allergic reaction to anaesthesia