Breast Lift

Breast Lift

How is Breast Lift carried out?

Breast Lift (also called Mastopexy), is cosmetic surgery carried out to raise and reshape your breasts to give them a firmer, rounder look. The Breast Lift surgery also removes extra skin around your breast to reduce the size of your areola which is the coloured circle around your nipple. Breasts lose elasticity and firmness as you age, resulting in drooping, saggy breasts which don't give a very appealing appearance overall. Conditions like pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight gain or loss can accelerate this process. Hence, a Breast lift can help you retain the appearance around the bust area.

Are you a good candidate for Breast Lift Surgery?

To be eligible for breast lift surgery, overall good health is a necessity among other factors. A breast lift is applicable to any breast size. However, women with smaller breasts usually get better results.
In general, in order to get a breast lift done, you must:
•    Be more than 18 years of age
•    Have drooping breasts.
•    Be physically active and healthy.
•    Be emotionally stable.
•    Not be pregnant or planning to become pregnant.
•    Have Stable weight.

Breast Lift Procedure

The kind of technique that your doctor might use for your breast lift depends on the shape and size of your breasts and also on how much lift you might need.
Before your breast lift surgery, your surgeon may tell you to stop the intake of certain medications like aspirin which thing your blood.
If you are a smoker, you may also be told to stop smoking prior to your surgery as it can interfere with the healing process.
The general procedure for Breast lift starts with the marking the new desired position of the nipple on your breast. To avoid any pain during the surgery, you may be injected general anaesthesia. 
As soon as the breast area goes numb, an incision would be made around your areola which usually extends down the front of your breast, from the bottom of the areola to the crease. Generally, an incision is made around the area where it may look less visible after the breast lift surgery.
After the cut is made, the surgeon lifts your breast to reshape them by moving them to the new position. To get a firmer appearance, the surgeon may remove extra skin.
Finally, with the help of stitches/sutures/skin adhesives, the surgeon will close the incisions.

Breast Lift Complications and Risks

There only some minor risks attached to the breast lift surgery, like:
•    Bleeding
•    Infection
•    Scars
•    Poor Healing

Breast Lift Recovery

Post the breast lift surgery, the breasts may be initially swollen and sore for a few weeks, which will go away with prescribed medication that your doctor may give you. Applying ice packs would equally help fade the pain and soreness.
You would also have to wear a surgical bra or a non-wire bra for two to three weeks to keep the stitches intact. Your breasts may take 3 to 9 months to reach the desired shape.