Eyebrow Reconstruction

Eyebrow Reconstruction

How Eyebrow Reconstruction Surgery is carried out?

Eyebrow Restoration, also knows as Eyebrow Reconstruction is a cosmetic treatment which is very similar to hair restoration. Eyebrow Restoration is done to add beauty and elegance to the face by redefining or replacing the eyebrow hair which couldn't grow properly due to several factors like alopecia, ageing, burning, plucking or any other kind of injuries related to face.
You can be a good candidate for Eyebrow Restoration surgery if you are having thinning eyebrows. However, you also have to be in an overall good health condition. For example, You shouldn't have any bleeding or clotting problems. 
Originally the Eyebrow Restoration procedure was previously carried out for patients were burn victims or patients who had illnesses which didn't promote hair growth at the eyebrow area. However, Eyebrow Restoration can also be a huge advantage in case one or more than one of the following conditions have been suffered by the patient. They include:
•    Severe physical injuries cause scars, lacerations and chemical, electrical, or thermal burns
•    Undergoing from medical treatments (radiation and chemotherapy, especially lead to great loss of hair)
•    A self-inflicted injury that is caused due to over-plucking or from obsessive-compulsive behaviour (trichotillomania) is also cured of eyebrow restoration.
•    Local diseases that cause loss of eyebrows.
•    A congenital problem of having very less hair growth 

Eyebrow Transplant

FUE eyebrow restoration or eyebrow transplant is another eyebrow restoration surgery which is much like the hair transplant surgery. The hair is transplanted using the follicular unit extraction method, which requires almost no recovery time. Another advantage of the eyebrow transplant is the minimal scarring, as an issue that concerns many while going for surgeries on the face.
In this Eyebrow Restoration surgery, (which can also be called as the Eyebrow graft surgery, since special hair grafts are prepared) the hair is extracted from the scalp area or nape of the neck. These extracted hair follicles are then prepared under a microscope.
This hair is transplanted on the eyebrows to give them a natural, fuller and a more defined look. Sometimes the eyebrows only have uneven growth, therefore, eyebrow reconstruction may be also used to fill in these gaps. Each hair follicle is inserted in a very particular manner taking care of the brow area at an angle and density to create the most natural looking eyebrows possible. Hence this eyebrow reconstruction method looks very natural and the patient is very satisfied.

Eyebrow Restoration Surgery Recovery and Side Effects

You would be discharged the same day you get the eyebrow reconstruction surgery done. You just have to be careful for the next two-three days so that the eyebrow is not affected by any unwanted contact with sweat, water or dust.
There are actually almost zero or highly negligible risks associated with the eyebrow restoration surgery. The only side effect one can have after the eyebrow transplant could be hair growing in the wrong direction, which can be fixed by guiding the hair to grow along the correct angle just like the surrounding hair follicles.