Breast Lift Surgery Price

Breast Lift Surgery Price

Breast lift surgery helps lift your breasts and improve your looks. More than 90,000 women undergo the process in the USA every year. Below is a comprehensive guide to planning your Breast lift process or mastopexy at the most affordable costs.


Key Points:

  • Breast Lift surgery price does not get covered by insurance in the USA.
  • The breast lift surgery cost is $3,500 in India, all inclusive.
  • The same procedure will cost you around $7,000 in the USA.

Breast Lift Surgery Price, Types, Best Surgeons and Recovery

Size does matter. Breast size is the most important for many women. Breasts are linked with women's health, beauty, and self-confidence. What about the women who are not satisfied with their breasts? In that scenario, the alternative is to get a procedure to improve the appearance of your breasts.

Wondering how much is a boob lift? The average cost range of breast lifts is $5,000-$7,000 in the USA. Health insurance is less likely to cover the surgery because the boob lift is considered an aesthetic procedure. That is why many women do not undergo surgery even if they have a desire.

Breast Lift Surgery Costs Comparison (India Vs. USA)

A breast lift or mastopexy is a procedure in which breasts are repositioned higher on your chest wall by a surgeon. Some also opt for a breast lift with implants. If you're troubled by the sight or feel of droopy this treatment may be right for you. If the areolas have become larger over time, a lift can help to lessen their size.

CureIndia facilitates cutting-edge technologies for successful breast lifts at an affordable cost. The surgery price package includes many facilities for you without hiding any charges.

Procedure Cost in USA Cost in India Cost Savings
Breast Lift Surgery $7,000 $3,500 55%

Affordable Breast Lift Surgery Package by CureIndia

  • Breast lift surgery price in total: $3,500
  • Place: New Delhi, India
  • NABH accredited hospital (second only to JCI accreditation)
  • M.S, M.Ch 14+ Years Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon

Package Inclusions

  • Doctor’s  Consultation
  • 2-3 days stay in hospital
  • 2 days rest in the hotel after discharge
  • IGI, New Delhi, Airport Pickup and Drop-off hospitality services
  • Local transportation available  from the hotel to the hospital
  • Dedicated speaking case manager for a smooth medical travel experience.
  • Assistance in Currency Exchange, Local SIM, Multi-cuisine food.

Contact us at +91 8448560641 or fill in the inquiry form to know more about the package.

Additional Benefits for Breast Lift with CureIndia

The quality of this diagnosis, treatment, and preventative health care at a lesser breast lift price is comparable to that of the world's best hospitals. Apart from this, CureIndia offers you a set of complimentary services.

  • Complimentary pick-up and drop-off service from IGI International Airport is free of cost.
  • You will have a hassle-free experience while traveling locally in India with our free-of-charge cabs.
  • Assistance in finding a perfect hotel. Your stay throughout the treatment is also a complimentary service.
  • Dedicated Arabic/English/Russian-speaking case managers.

Top Hospitals for Breast Lift Surgery

CureIndia facilitates NABH and JCI-accredited hospitals. Those hospitals maintain medical guidelines carefully. These hospitals are globally well-known for superior medical facilities and technologies in the breast surgery field. With the latest equipment, highly competent doctors execute cosmetic or plastic surgery. All hospital doctors and staff are dedicated to providing the best medical services. They are empathic and hospitable to their patients. The environment inside those hospitals is comfortable and hygienic.

Best Cosmetologists for Breast Lift Surgery

Selecting a cosmetic surgeon for a successful surgery is crucial. In today's environment, finding a general cosmetic surgeon online is relatively straightforward. Yet many of these experts are unfamiliar with the field. Finding the best cosmetic surgeons with CureIndia, on the other hand, is rather simple. We have internationally trained surgeons from all over the world to provide the best at an affordable breast lift surgery price.

1. Dr. Lokesh Handa

With vast experience in the cosmetic surgery field, Dr. Lokesh Handa is skillful in boob lift procedures, rhinoplasty, facelifts, etc. Each year patients from various countries come to get treated by him.

Dr. Lokesh Handa Speaks Reshape Your Body: Everything About Liposuction Surgery

2. Dr. Shilpi Bhadani

Dr. Shilpi Bhadani is an eminent cosmetic surgeon. She has experience in both surgical and non-surgical procedures for breast surgeries, body contouring, and facial rejuvenation techniques.

Dr. Shilpi Bhadani Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi/NCR

3. Dr. Vipul Nanda

Trained under leading cosmetologists of the world, Dr. Vipul Nanda has expertise in cosmetic surgeries such as breast lifts for ptosis correction, breast implant surgery, facelifts, and many other procedures.

Dr. Vipul Nanda Leading Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon in Gurgaon

Does my Health Insurance Cover Breast Lift Surgery Price?

We know the first thing you consider is the breast lift surgery price. It is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about breast lift. You also look up if your insurance company will cover it or not. Let's clear up this confusion about insurance coverage here.

Health insurance companies do not cover the cost of breast lift. Moreover, they do not cover any cosmetic surgeries as such. But there is a favorable condition. You can get your boob lift cost covered. Health insurance companies rightfully cover the expense of breast reconstruction procedures. If you have been sick from breast cancer, and your breasts have sagged for prolonged medical treatment, you do not have to worry. Moreover, the insurance company will also cover your boob lift cost if you have the following:

1. Severe pain in the neck, shoulder, and back

It is clinically proven that saggy boobs can cause severe neck, shoulder, and back pain. Hence, breast lift is essential to avoid any negative consequences.

2. Difficulty in exercising

It is difficult to exercise with a pair of saggy breasts. Even though it is not life-threatening, it is clinically essential.

3. Visibly asymmetrical breasts

A visible asymmetrical pair of breasts look awkward. It can push the patient into unwanted trauma, anxiety, and mental stress.

You can also claim insurance by providing the following:

  • Recent photographs
  • Proof of chronic symptoms
  • Explanation of alternative treatment techniques
  • Your surgeon's statements

Therefore, you do not need to worry, 'How much is a boob lift' if you get a reconstruction treatment.

Why Need Breast Lift Surgery?

To improve breast form after pregnancy and nursing, alterations to the breasts, such as stretching and sagging, are common side effects of pregnancy. The good news is that a breast lift without implants or with implants. Or the surgeon may reverse these alterations to give you a more natural look.

Breast volume loss is a common side effect of weight loss to restore a more flattering shape to the breasts after a massive weight reduction. By eliminating redundant skin, a breast lift may help restore a more natural and youthful contour to the bust. Sometimes boob lift procedures combine breast enhancement with implants.

To have never before experienced attractive breasts that look firm. Some breast lift patients suffer from sagging breasts at a young age. A breast lift is a surgical procedure that provides desired breast shape.

Who is the Right Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift or mastopexy brings back the lost confidence of a woman. If you feel your body does not look younger like it used to, you can consider a breast lift. Your breasts will look firm like your younger years.

You must be thinking if you are a good candidate for breast lift surgery. Check the following points and decide for yourself. If you match them, you are a good candidate.

1. Physical Fitness

You are a good fit if you are physically fit and weigh within the standard range according to your height and age. That is to say, if you are overweight, you must lose those extra kilograms to be the right candidate for mastopexy.

2. Saggy Breasts

If your breasts have sagged and don't look pleasing, you can consider breast lift surgery. Your nipples may have fallen beneath the crease of your breasts. Multiple pregnancies, breastfeeding, age, and excess weight lead to the sagging of breasts. If you are still breastfeeding your child(ren), you may have to postpone the idea.


Saggy breasts can hamper your regular activities like running and jogging. Moreover, in some cases, saggy breasts sweat too much and get unwanted rashes. You are a good candidate if you want to get rid of that extra skin.

Some additional points that make you a better candidate are:

  • If you are happy with your size but not the sagging.
  • If your breasts are flat, pendulous, or even elongated.
  • You do not smoke or drink.
  • You have no plan of conceiving.

Types of Breast Lift Explained

Your primary care physician will make a recommendation for the kind of anesthesia that is most suitable for you. Still, you may get either local anesthetic with intravenous sedation or general anesthesia.

1. Curved breast enhancement

The crescent breast lift with implants, in which a single incision is made midway around the areola's upper periphery, is often the best option for women with mild drooping breast conditions. Because of its concealment inside the areola's deeper color, the resulting scar is almost undetectable.

2. Vertical Breast Lift

Women with mild breast drooping who want more extreme breast contouring can consider a vertical lift. This method entails making two cuts: a horizontal one from the bottom of the areola to the natural breast crease and a vertical one along the outside border of the areola. Because the incisions look like lollipop sticks, this surgery with the best breast lift surgery price is sometimes called a lollipop breast lift.

3. Breast Lift around the Areolas

The peri-areolar breast lift method, sometimes known as a donut breast lift, is a good choice for women who have slight drooping. They get benefits from a gentle rising. Using this method, your surgeon will make a single, circular incision around the perimeter of your areola. Again, the scarring from this method is almost invisible.

4. Anchor Shaped Incision Lift

This anchor-shaped incision lift with the best breast lift surgery price is only done on women with very sagging breasts. Anchor breast lift is also known as an "inverted T" lift that requires three incisions.

Pre-Procedure, During Procedure, and Post Breast Lift Procedure


Your surgeon may probably advise you to discontinue several drugs before your treatment. Among them are medications that have the effect of thinning the blood. In the four weeks following your treatment, if you are a smoker you must give up the habit. Smoking might hinder your capacity to recover correctly if you just had surgery. It may lead to significant complications during the wound-healing process, including losing skin on your breast or nipple.

During Procedure

Many different methods exist for reducing breast tissue and reshaping the breast skin. Your plastic surgeon will make cuts and create breast lift scars in whatsoever places they deem necessary for your particular procedure. Your doctor may choose to cut:

  • Around the nipple-shaped black patches are known as areolae.
  • Extending from the areolas to the folds of the breasts downward.
  • In a horizontal line over the breasts.

If the surgeon needs to restructure the breast tissue, they may need to implant sutures deep into the breasts. A smaller number of areolae is achieved with the application of stitches. Extra skin from the breasts is eliminated, and the nipples are moved upward.

After that, the surgeon sutures the breast skin back together. They use adhesives, surgical tape, or stitches to seal the wounds. In most cases, the process will take between two and three hours and this will allow you to go back to your home the same day.

Post Procedure

Breast lift surgery often results in a quick recovery and a day-to-day return to normal activities. Get a ride and a place to spend the first night. One or more of your incisions are likely to fit with a small tube to drain excess fluid and limit swelling. The surgical staff will provide you with post-op care instructions. Some examples are:

  • Managing the wounds by cleaning the drains and replacing the bandages as needed immediately tell people about the problems.
  • Don't put your arms up above your breasts. Keeping your elbows side will be easier to do your day-to-day tasks.
  • The most comfortable way to sleep is on your back.
  • During the healing process, it is essential to use a compression bra to help minimize edema and provide needed support for the breasts.
  • Taking drugs or applying ointments to alleviate pain and stop infections.

What should I Expect During Breast Lift Recovery?

Usually, it takes at least five to seven days to recover from the first stage of post-operative stress. During the recovery period, you will initially feel some swelling, discomfort, and even bruising. Moreover, you may feel that your skin has gotten tighter than before. But do not worry about this bruising and tightness. These effects generally vanish after a couple of weeks of mastopexy.

Within these few days, you may also experience some drainage near the areas of incisions. Do not get worried about the leakage. Drains after mastopexy is normal. Your surgeon will attach a tube next to your breast for safe drainage. Talk to your surgeon if you find anything unusual other than this.

During this entire breast lift recovery time, your breasts will be patched. You need to follow the instructions strictly. Your surgeon will prescribe a customized follow-up routine based on your condition. In addition to that, you must take your medicines and the dressing sessions seriously.

In many cases, surgeons advise their patients to sleep on their backs. Incisions may take a few more weeks to heal completely. You may spot breast lift scars after your surgery. However, the surgery scars will disappear after a couple of weeks.

If you are searching for answers to 'How to speed up breast lift recovery time?', please refrain from any vigorous movements. Do not lift any heavy object for at least four to six weeks. It would be better to wear a clinical bra during recovery. You may resume your everyday life after two weeks of mastopexy.

Always remember that a breast lift surgery lifts your saggy breasts. It does not make your breasts look fuller or bigger. You can expect a gradual diminishing of breast lift scars and a firm appearance of your breasts. Your asymmetrical breasts will look similar. However, you have to be patient. It may take a few months to achieve the best breast lift results.


Professionals in their respective fields who have undergone extensive training and education perform breast lifts and augmentation. These specialists include plastic surgeons and care team members who assist patients throughout the breast lift recovery time after the treatment. All of the surgeons are board-certified in plastic surgery and have done many breast reconstructions throughout their careers.

Several doctors also research breast surgery and how much is a boob lift to make sure that their female patients are happy with the results.

How do I start?

1). You can reach out to us by one of the following methods:-

a) Tapping the WhatsApp button blinking on the website. Or connect manually at +91 8448560641
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2). As soon as you reach us, our case manager will get back to you within 24 hours. We gather your requirements and clinical images(if needed), and discuss them with our cosmetic surgeons. We will get back to you with a cost estimate and treatment plan.

3). We book your appointment as per your travel schedule and make all necessary arrangements.

4). We pick you up at the New Delhi Airport on the day of your arrival, and the medical travel process starts.

Breast Lift FAQs

How long does it take to do a breast lift?

Breast lift is an outpatient surgery. It takes about 3 1/2 hours to complete the lifting procedure. The remaining time doctors use for pre-and post-operative care.

What is the correct age for breast surgery?

If you are an adult and notice that your breasts have sagged, you can consider a breast lift. Generally, women between the ages of 46 and 50 ask for breast lift consultation. If you believe that your drooping breasts make you seem older than you are, you may be a suitable candidate for breast lift surgery.

Is there any effect on the stomach area?

Breast implants are a great way to improve your appearance, making you seem leaner and younger. While breast implants may not have any direct effect on the stomach, they may be utilized to provide the appearance of a smaller midsection by lifting and defining the bust.

What kind of skin does a breast lift involve removing?

The breast crease is the location of the last incision. Excess skin on the breasts due to age or laxity are surgically removed via these incisions.

Are breast lifts safe for women's health?

Breast lift surgery is usually relatively safe. However, all surgeries can have complications. During the course of your recovery, both your surgeon and your care team will be in constant contact with you to see how you're doing and to address any concerns you may have.

How long does it often take for a woman to feel back to normal after getting a breast lift?

Some people may only need five days of rest after having breast lift surgery. Even after treatment, you may have some lingering pain and swelling. The recuperation process will take around six weeks, during which you must strictly follow aftercare instructions and avoid certain activities.

What is breast lift recovery time?

For around two weeks after the procedure, your breasts will be swollen and bruised. For up to six weeks, you may be barred from engaging in strenuous activities such as exercising.

Will my breast sag again after pregnancy?

Multiple pregnancies, prolonged breastfeeding lead to the sagging of breasts. If you are planning to conceive again, it is better to postpone the breast lift procedure. Talk to your surgeon for more detailed information.