Male Enhancement Surgery

Male Enhancement Surgery

Male Enhancement Surgery in India

Do you feel anxiety regarding your penis size? Many men wish their penis size to be an inch or two longer than the normal usual size. There are a lot of treatments available across the country for male enhancement. You probably see many advertisements online related to increasing penis size advertisement offers the pills, creams, supplements, and exercise to increase the penis size, but there are a lot of scams that’s why people avoid taking the risk.

Male Enhancement Surgery

Male enhancement surgery or penis enlargement is the technique used to increase the penis size than the usual one for better sexual excitement. There are numerous methods to increase the total penis lengths, shaft girth and even for the glans size. As mentioned already, there are a lot of techniques to increase male enhancement such as pills, massage, oil, hormones, stretching, exercise, injection, and surgery. While some of the techniques are just only for making money and other somewhat effective but they have a risk complication.

Male enhancement surgery is the best way to look for the evidence of effectiveness, whereas other treatments such as the pills, hormone, and massage, etc. are the best at their ineffectiveness.

As you see many stretching ads online to increase penis size but let you know that this technique can be helpful for men with erectile dysfunction but not worked in the case of penis enlargement. Yes! It can increase your penis for a second but not cause the permanent enlargement. It is conceivable to enlarge your penis size with plastic surgery.

Phalloplasty - Male Enhancement Surgery in India


Phalloplasty is the development and reconstruction of the penis with the help of the surgical procedure. We can also use the phalloplasty term instead of penis enlargement. In the phalloplasty, the experts artificial modify the penis with the help of the surgical procedure. Phalloplasty is the most costly surgical procedure range of 14 lakh to 34 lakh in anywhere in the world.

Conditions leading to Male Enhancement Surgery

The normal erect penis size is 5 to 6 inches along with the circumference 4 to 5 inches. Some men have a penis smaller than normal size. Due to heredity and hormonal problems cause a small penis condition known as the micropenis in which an erect penis size less than 3 inches. Peyronie's diseases or prostate cancer therapy can also cause a decrease in penis size. But according to research scientist suggested that men who are seeking the penis enlargement have averaged sized penis but due to some reason, they think they are the just below the average.

Recommended doctors for Male Enhancement Surgery in India

CureIndia helps you choose the right doctor for your medical treatment. Most of the doctors in our associated hospitals have been internationally trained and are active members of many international medical councils and associations.
Let's hear from some of the most reputed doctor's for male enhancement surgery in India.

1. Dr Gautam Banga


2. Dr Vineet Malhotra


Male Enhancement options available in India

There are numerous penis enlargement methods available across the world. But only a few are the safe and effective method for getting the larger size of the penis. There are many manufacturers in the market guaranteed that products including pills, cream, hormones, and extending gadgets, etc. can increase the penis size. A few people likewise go for the surgical procedure.

According to the urology care department, none of the mentioned methods works to increase the penis size if you want to increase the penis than it might be done with the help of plastic surgery or male enhancement surgery.

1). Vacuum Devices for Male Enlargement

A vacuum devices worked in the case impotence or erectile dysfunction while some moneymaker sells it as the device for the penis enlargement. Vacuum devices have a cylindrical tube-like structure that fits on the penis. This device creates a vacuum by pumping out air, that results in drawing blood into the penis and making it swell. Even the continues use of vacuum gadgets can damage your penile tissue which can result in a weaker erection during the sexual activities.

Vacuum Devices for Male Enlargement

2). Male Enhancement Pills and Lotions

There is no authentic medical research to affirm the cases made by any of the makers of "penis enlargement" pills. Remember that male enhancement is a major industry which fortifies men's about the span of their penis. Penis augmentation pills don't work, and neither do creams, moisturizers, supplements or other male improvement items. In the event that there was an effective and powerful treatment it would be accessible from drug stores instead of ill-conceived online drug stores as it were. Keep away from purchasing unlicensed and conceivably perilous drugs - they are probably going to accomplish more mischief than anything.

3). Traction Device

Traction device plan to increase the size of the penis by extending the penile tissue. In this procedure, a weight placed on the flaccid penis to tenderly extend it. According to the finding, it suggests that traction device is only for increasing length but the result may not be seen lesser to the penile. At the same time, some result also concludes that the device increases the size of the penis by 1-3 centimetres. By keeping the safety and effectiveness in the mind, the urology care department doesn’t support their use.

4). Dick Enlargement by Infusing Fat

There are two principal kinds of penis augmentation medical procedure. Penile enlargement includes infusing fat cells into the penis. The point is to build size, or width, just as length, at times. The technique conveys risk and complications. This surgical procedure reaction may include swelling and bending of the penis. In the event that risk is extreme, the penis may require evacuation.


Another strategy for penile growth includes grafting fat cells from somewhere else in the body onto the penis. This is less obtrusive and can include a normal of 2.38– 2.64 cm following a year.

In any case, the organ can lose 21– 79 per cent of the new volume inside 1 year of medical procedure, so individuals may require various medical procedures to accomplish the ideal outcome.

5) Male Enhancement Surgery for the Buried Penis

The second fundamental sort of medical procedure is suspensory tendon discharge. This tendon grapples the penis to the pubic zone and offers help amid an erection. In the event that a specialist cuts the tendon, to make the penis look longer by the progressions the points of the penis. All things considered, suspensory tendon discharge can increment flabby penis length by between 1– 3 cm; however patient and accomplice fulfilment rates will, in general, below. The absence of help amid an erection can make infiltration troublesome.

Success rates of Male Enhancement Surgery in India

The penile augmentation surgery is for those who have penis size smaller than the normal size. It can increase personal enjoyment. According to the Penuma website, the success rate of penile enlargement surgery is high. The Journal of Sexual Medicine gave an account of a careful report assessment of 400 men who experienced the Penuma strategy. The investigation found that 81 per cent appraised their fulfilment with their outcomes.