Arthroscopic Bankart Repair

Arthroscopic Bankart Repair

Why Bankart Repair Surgery is carried out?

Bankart repair surgery is a minimally invasive procedure done to fix certain impairments and improper functioning of dislocated shoulders. In the shoulder, the humeral head which is the ball of the shoulder joint is centred in the glenoid (the socket of the joint), which gives a shoulder its stability. The glenoid labrum and ligaments which are responsible for providing the shoulder with structure and stability will be torn once the shoulder is dislocated from its normal position. Thus, the main aim of the Bankart repair surgery is to bring back and attach the torn labrum and ligaments back to the point at the glenoid from which they were detached.

Symptoms of Bankart Tear or Lesions

There are several symptoms of Bankart tear or lesions which become severe over time if not diagnosed and treated on time. They are:
•    Extreme pain in the shoulder
•    Repeated shoulder dislocations
•    Shoulders giving out during activity frequently
•    Having a frequent sensation of having a loose shoulder feeling which may slip out of the joint and hang downwards.

Candidacy for Bankart Repair Surgery

The ideal candidates for Bankart repair surgery are the patients suffering from conditions such as severe shoulder instability persisting over a long time with no relief from other methods of treatments such as medication, physical therapy or alternative non-surgical techniques. Bankart lesions or tears are also fairly responsible for shoulder dislocations, which are in turn responsible for harm to several areas of the shoulder. For people who continue experiencing shoulder dislocations, Bankart repair surgery is the recommended treatment.

Bankart Repair Surgery Procedure

The Bankart repair surgery is a minimally invasive procedure. The surgeon first administers general anaesthesia before starting with surgery. After anaesthesia comes into effect, the surgeon makes small incisions both in the front and back of the shoulder. Due to these small incisions in the bankart repair surgery, the patient is able to enjoy advantages such as lesser discomfort and quicker recovery in comparison to the normally invasive procedures for the shoulder dislocation. The doctor performs the surgery using an arthroscope, which is a small fiberoptic camera used to view the affected site closely while the surgery is performed. Hence, the bankart repair surgery is also often labelled as shoulder arthroscopic bankart repair. Once the arthroscope is sent to the affected site of the shoulder, the doctor evaluates the problem and drills small holes near the detached labrum, after shedding away the loose particles. The surgeon will then stitches the labrum and keeps them tightly across the anchors so that the labrum attaches to the glenoid again and the shoulder isn't dislocated anymore. Once the ligaments are back in their place, the doctor closes the incisions with tapes and small bandages, thereby completing the surgery.

Bankart Repair Surgery Recovery

After the bankart repair surgery, your doctor will advise you to wear a sling for at least the first four weeks so that your shoulder is not affected by any movement. Recovery from the surgery can take a while. All this can be managed by enrolling in physiotherapy, rehabilitation programs and taking over good care of your health and body. Labrum surgery may take about 9 to 12 months for complete recovery. If you are active in sports, requiring overarm motions, such as cricket or tennis, then you may have to wait for at least six months in order to gain momentum without causing any undue damage to the affected shoulder.