Patient Detail

ED Cure-Penile Implants

One of our patients from Australia had some erection problems for some time and was looking for surgical options for inflatable penile implants outside Australia. He did some research about getting inflatable penile implant surgery in India. He was glad to find a lot of satisfied patients from developed countries like Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand who have traveled to India to get the best penile implant procedures at affordable costs, hence saving a lot of money.

He researched further about the best doctor for inflatable penile implant surgery in India and the best hospital for penile implant surgery in India. He got in touch with CureIndia which is one of the leading platforms facilitating medical treatments for International patients in the best hospitals of India. CureIndia helped the patient with the treatment plan and approximate cost for the surgery and his stay.

He was received at the New Delhi, IGI Airport by CureIndia and was transferred to a good hotel. His appointment was scheduled the same day with an experienced Urologist and Andrologist. He was pleasantly satisfied with the Doctor and other services, and finalized his low-cost penile implant surgery in India.

He was on his way to recovery after the procedure and felt comfortable. He was discharged the third day of the surgery without any complications. He was very satisfied with the services he got from the hospital staff and the surgeon. He was also very happy with the services from CureIndia about managing everything on his behalf, and getting him to the local market, booking hotels and Airport transfers. He encouraged other Australian patients to consider coming for inflatable penile implant surgery in India, and for other specialties as well.