Patient Detail

Lasik Eye Surgery Cost

Shaleah lives in the city of Australia. She came from Australia for her 20/20 vision correction with a multifocal toric lens in India. For over 3 decades people from various countries like Australia, the USA, and the UK have been visiting India to get the same state-of-the-art facilities with quality care at a very affordable price. India is a growing medical tourism place with comprehensive prices and new technologies. Not only the affordability & quality care, but dental tourism in India also allows people to enjoy the colorful heritage sites and the delicious cuisines of India.

While sharing her experience, she said that the clinics are very well designed and the staff are very generous and honest. Shaleah had visited the Tajmahal, the monument of love in Agra, India. After reaching Delhi NCR, her eye treatment journey begins. CureIndia arranged her doctor’s appointments, VISA, tickets, hotel stay, and cabs for the tour.

She visited the eye clinic associated with CureInia. The clinic is one of the best eye clinics in Delhi NCR which facilitates all types of eye treatments and surgeries, including LASIK eye surgery, and vision correction with the toric IOL. Shaleah, from the city of Australia, had received a multifocal toric lens for her 20/20 vision correction. She is impressed by the efficient services at such an affordable price.

Shaleah met the CureIndia team and felt pleased with our professionalism and honesty. After completing the vision correction, Shaleah happily back to her home in Australia.