Patient Detail

Pediatric Liver Transplant

Every parent feels worried when they are required to decide on a liver transplant for their children. Likewise, parents from Morocco came to India with hope for a cure for their 4-month-old baby. Mr Rachid Echadli and Mrs Fatima Zahra flew 8000 km to reach India. CureIndia executives assisted them after reaching New Delhi, India.

Then they meet the best child liver specialist Dr. Giriraj Bora, one of the greatest doctors for liver transplantation. They discussed the baby’s liver disease. A detailed medical examination was done before deciding on pediatric liver transplant surgery.

While diagnosing the disease, Dr. Giriraj Bora found that the baby was suffering from a rare congenital disorder. By the time, Mr Rachid Echadli and Mrs. Fatima Zahra reached India, the disease increased to an advanced level. The baby was suffering from liver cirrhosis due to biliary atresia or genetic-metabolic illness./p>

The baby was treated in one of the most advanced liver transplant centers, Artemis Hospital in Delhi NCR. The pediatric liver transplantation was complex for the baby. However, it was the only option to cure the 6-month baby. After deciding liver transplant for children, a liver donor from the same family was the requirement.

Fortunately, the mother and the baby have the same blood group. Therefore, the mother agreed to become a donor for a living donor liver transplant. However, the main challenge in this pediatric liver transplant surgery was the portal vein(the main vein to supply blood to the liver) of the baby, which was small. Dr Giriraj Bora, child liver specialist said that the baby's portal vein was only two millimetres in size. Hence, pediatric liver transplant surgery for this baby was very complex.  

With expertise and proficient hands, Dr Giriraj Bora and his team successfully did this pediatric liver transplantation at Artemis Hospital, Delhi NCR, India. The baby was discharged after 15 days. The baby’s health is fine after surgery. Both parents are thankful to child liver specialist Dr. Giriraj Bora, the Hospital staff, and CureIndia for assistance in this pediatric liver transplantation journey.