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CureIndia Eye Center is the initiative of Dr Suraj Munjal with the vision of to providing the best eye care services in India & abroad at very affordable cost with personalized touch without any compromise on the ethics. It has the most advanced diagnostic and sophisticated ophthalmic surgical set up in North India. CureIndia Eye Center offers super speciality eye treatment ranging from minor to all types of eye procedures/surgeries in single day treatment. At CureIndia Eye Center you get the most experienced surgeons for simple eye care to the most complex needs, and it offers treatments options that are best for your needs. Dr Suraj Munjal is the first to perform Cataract surgery in Mauritius, and he leads the team of doctors.

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  • Cataract Surgery
  • LASIK Surgery
  • Retina and Uvea
  • Dry Eyes
  • ICL

Eye Colour Change Surgery in India

A popular model Pixee Fox from Sweden, who went 20+ plastic surgeries to fulfil her wish to look like a living cartoon. She chose India for getting her eye color change surgery by our specialist eye doctor Dr Suraj Munjal. She opted for the Sea Green color as she felt that it’s really extreme that one couldn’t have naturally. The eye color change surgery is also known as iris implant surgery. It is a surgical procedure to get a permanent eye color change.

Dr Suraj Munjal does this surgery in India, and it is quite fresh and popular in India. Here you will receive the highest level of quality and technology in eye care and exceptional personal care. As a patient, you will experience complete integrity.

At CureIndia Eye Center they provide their patients with:

  • Affordable treatment
  • World-class professionals
  • Wide range of services
  • Patient assistance
  • Technology-driven eye care services


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  • Interpreter
  • Translation Services
  • Airport Pickup
  • Air Ambulance
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