National Heart Institute

  • National Heart Institue is the research and referral tertiary care heart hospital of All India Heart Foundation, inaugurated by the former Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi. It acts as a nucleus of diagnosis and treatment of heart aliments and diseases.
  • It is equipped with state of the art equipment and it provides surgical services like all kinds of closed and open heart surgeries like coronary artery bypass surgery, off-pump bypass surgery (beating heart surgery), valve repair & replacement surgeries, aortic/carotid surgeries, congenital heart surgeries including blue babies and minimally invasive (Keyhole) surgeries
  • It has modern Cath lab facilities where procedures like angiographies, angioplasties, stenting of the coronary arteries, valvotomies, correction of birth heart defects and closure of holes of the heart, electrophysiological studies, radiofrequency ablation, rotablation, Intra-vascular ultrasound, pacemaker and internal defibrillator implantation are carried out. Highly qualified staff, trained in India & abroad, with extensive experience in Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery service these areas.
  • Established In 1981
  • Number Of Beds
  • Popular For: Cardiology
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