Thigh Lift Cost

Thigh Lift Cost

Thigh lift helps reshape thighs and remove ptosis or excess skin or fat. Thighplasty or thigh lift is now common in the USA. A report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons says they are performing around 10,000 thigh lifts each year. Go through the complete guide to plan your thigh lift procedure at affordable costs.


Key Points:

  • The Thigh lift costs are not covered by insurance in the USA.
  • The cost of thigh fat removal surgery is $2,500 in India all inclusive.
  • The same procedure can cost you around $5,000 in the USA.

Complete Guide: Thigh Lift Cost, Technique, and Top Plastic Surgeons

Due to age, the inner thigh is particularly prone to drooping. As a result, the thigh region may lose definition and stiffness. A thigh lift is a surgical procedure designed to reshape and contour the thighs. The surgery can remove excess skin and fat from the inner or outer thighs and tighten the skin. India is home to some of the best cosmetic surgeons, and if you need a thigh lift. You can consider getting it done in India.

Several patients have achieved great success after undergoing thigh lifts in India. The outcome after getting a thigh lift by a cosmetic surgeon is excellent. The patients are satisfied with the results. 

The cost of a thigh lift is generally high, and that's why people from USA, UK, and Europe come to India for affordable scarless thigh lift surgery. Even though the cost of thigh lifts is lesser at CureIndia. Patients can find cosmetic surgeons with vast experience and solid credentials who can perform thigh lifts with utmost precision. The thigh lift cost and highly-qualified cosmetic surgeons are why people from around the globe get their thigh lift done in India.

Here, get all information you need to know before a thigh lift surgery. Different techniques used during the procedure, thigh lift cost, and what to expect during and after the surgery, insurance and more. Also, get the answers of some people's most common questions about thigh lift surgery. So if you're thinking about having a thigh lift, read on!

Thigh Lift Cost Comparison ( India vs USA )

Are you worries about thigh lift cost? Many people think that the procedure will put their long-term savings at risk. Well, it’s not the case, but you could save a lot. CureIndia will assist you in getting a thigh lift procedure at a low inner thigh surgery cost. Take a look at the cost of thigh lift surgery in India vs. the USA.

Procedure Cost in the USA Cost in India Cost Savings
Thigh Lift Cost $5,000 $2,500 50%

CureIndia Thigh Lift Surgery Packages

  • Thigh Lift Surgery Cost in total: $2,500
  • Place: New Delhi, India
  • NABH accredited hospital (second only to JCI accreditation)
  • M.S, M.Ch 14+ Years Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon

Package Inclusions

  • Doctor’s  Consultation at ease
  • Routine Blood Investigations
  • Cost of the surgery: $2,500
  • 2-3 days stay in hospital
  • 2 days rest in the hotel after discharge
  • IGI, New Delhi, Airport Pickup and Drop-off hospitality services
  • Local transportation available  from the hotel to the hospital
  • Dedicated speaking case manager for a smooth medical travel experience.
  • Assistance in Currency Exchange, Local SIM, Multi-cuisine food.

Contact us at +91 8448560641 or fill in the inquiry form to know more about the package.

Complimentary Services with Thigh Lift Surgery by CureIndia

CureIndia’s goal is to provide the finest results for the least amount of money to patients. You will benefit from a host of other services in addition to receiving treatment at the best facilities.

  • The pickup service is free of charge. We offer pick-up and drop-off services from the IGI International Airport in New Delhi.
  • You will have a hassle-free local travel experience in India with our free cabs.
  • We will assist you in locating the ideal lodging. Staying throughout the treatment is also provided as a complimentary service.
  • For increased hospitality, we will provide dedicated linguist case managers.

Why Choose CureIndia for Thigh Lift Surgeries?

  1. Highly experienced specialists
  2. Latest Technology
  3. Full range of procedures
  4. Affordable cost packages
  5. 100+ JCI and NABH accredited hospitals and clinics
  6. Personalized care and attention

Experienced Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons

We take pride in assuring our patients' complete safety during these treatments and providing them with the best possible post-operative care. Our goal is to ensure that our patients receive the greatest possible results at the most affordable Thigh Lift cost. We provide procedures to our patients in a variety of venues in the Delhi NCR region.

Dr. Lokesh Handa

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Dr. Shilpi Bhadani

Dr. Shilpi Bhadani Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi/NCR

Dr. Vipul Nanda

Dr. Vipul Nanda Leading Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon in Gurgaon

State of the Art Clinics and Hospitals

Apart from low prices, India has world-class facilities with the best techniques and highly qualified doctors, which encourages individuals from all over the world to seek treatment there. Not only does India have the best doctors, but it also offers the best medical facilities at affordable pricing. If you are planning your surgery in India, then you don’t need to worry about the thigh Lift cost and recovery.

What Causes the Need for Thigh Lift Surgery?

The inner thigh is especially prone to sagging due to the effects of gravity and aging. This can lead to a loss of firmness and definition in the thigh area. A thigh lift can help to address these concerns by tightening the skin and underlying tissues, resulting in a slimmer and more toned appearance. Thigh lift scars after one year are typically well-hidden within the body's natural contours.

Thigh Lift Techniques Explained

There are several different techniques for thigh lift surgeries. Patients can help themselves a lot if they are aware of the various types of thigh lift techniques before undergoing surgery. Being knowledgeable about the different techniques of thigh lift surgery will prevent you from getting confused when discussing the appropriate method with your cosmetic surgeon. Irrespective of which thigh lift technique is the right fit for you, you will be able to find efficient cosmetic surgeons in India who will perform the surgery at an affordable thigh lift cost.

Two of the most common types of thigh lifts are inner thigh lifts and medial thigh lifts. The surgery right for you will depend on your individual goals and body type. Given below are explanations of inner thigh lift and medial thigh lift:

1. Inner thigh lift

One of the most common thigh lift techniques is the inner thigh lift. This approach is typically used to target pockets of fat located high on the inner thigh. The incisions for this type of surgery are usually hidden in the natural creases of the thigh, making them virtually invisible once they have healed. Get beautiful legs at a budget-friendly inner thigh surgery cost by contacting CureIndia.

2. Medial thigh lift

Another popular thigh lift technique is known as the medial thigh lift. This approach targets the outer thigh and can be used to address concerns such as sagging skin or a "thigh gap." The incisions for this surgery are usually placed along the bikini line, making them easy to conceal with clothing.

If you are considering a thigh lift, consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon in India who has experience performing this Procedure is essential. During your consultation, you can discuss your goals, body type, and desired outcome. The surgeon will then be able to develop a treatment plan that has an affordable thigh lift cost tailored to your specific needs.

Who Are the Candidates for Thigh Lift Surgery?

You can consult a body contouring specialist at any reputable healthcare facility to determine if you are a candidate for a thigh lift. As a thigh lift aspirant, you not only need to know how much is a thigh lift but also if you are the right candidate. Patients who have dropped a significant amount of weight are typical candidates for thigh lifts. These patients have drooping skin on the inside of their thighs. It is due to their weight reduction, which only cosmetic surgeries can fix.

Patients who have shed most of their excess weight and are left with only the extra skin are the most excellent candidates for a thigh lift. No additional liposuction is required in these circumstances. In most cases, more skin can be removed, resulting in a tighter, smoother outcome.

Most suitable candidates for cosmetic procedures are healthy people at or close to their target body weight. Additionally, candidates must be inspired to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine and mentally prepare for surgery.

What Result Should One Expect After a Thigh Lift Surgery?

Aspiring thigh lift patients should be clearly aware of the thigh lift cost and the healing process. Thigh lift recovery may vary widely from patient to patient. It depended on various factors, including a patient's anatomy, pain tolerance, age, heredity, and surgical technique. The level of your medical care and your body's healing process will affect how quickly you recover from your thigh lift.

  • You could feel worn out, uncomfortable, and sore when you first wake up after your surgery. You will be given a specific compression garment in addition to having your thighs bandaged. Little drainage tubes will be inserted beneath your skin as you heal to remove fluids from your thighs.
  • The first two to three days following your procedure will see the most severe swelling and bruising. It is crucial to keep moving as little as possible during this time to avoid damaging your surgical wounds as they heal.
  • After two weeks, it's time to find a better balance between stillness and accessible, leisurely walking.
  • Your incisions need to heal by six weeks completely, and your thighs' swelling should be at its least.
  • The swelling should have entirely disappeared after six months. At this point, your final results are apparent.
  • You must know that your thigh lift scars will not be visible, as they are strategically placed so that they get hidden by the natural folds of your body.

Does Insurance Cover Thigh Lift Cost?

Patients who have lost significant weight may benefit from a thigh lift surgery to remove extra skin from the thighs. Many individuals seek weight loss treatment. They inquire how to pay for and whether insurance will cover a thigh lift surgery cost. A thigh lift surgery is commonly opted as an elective cosmetic surgery. Patients with significant weight loss choose thigh lifts and have extra skin resistance to non-surgical removal techniques. In addition, many patients are women who no longer possess the body they had before their pregnancy.

But there is also a functional aspect to a thigh lift. Some patients choose to have inner thigh lift surgery for practical purposes to ease their quality of life. For instance, for people who have lost massive weight, the extra skin on their thighs can make walking around uneasy.

The most asked question regarding a thigh lift surgery is, 'How much does a thigh lift cost?' Now, after knowing thigh fat removal surgery cost starts from $5,000 on average, one would like to know whether insurance policies cover it.

However, similar to other operations between cosmetic and functional, your insurance company will only cover costs if it meets specific requirements. The easiest way to learn if you qualify for coverage is from your private health insurer. You can submit a claim for a refund through direct communication.

Pre Procedure, During Procedure, and Post Procedure of Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh lift cost may vary depending on the extent of the Procedure and the surgeon you choose. However, thigh lift before and after photos can give you an idea of what to expect from the surgery.

The pre procedure, during Procedure, and post procedure of thigh lift surgery are discussed below:

Pre procedure of thigh lift surgery

Before undergoing the surgical Procedure of a thigh lift, patients are typically given general anesthesia. It ensures that patients do not go through any pain or discomfort during the thigh lift process.

During Procedure of thigh lift surgery

The thigh lift process involves incisions to remove excess skin and fat from the thigh area.

Post Procedure of thigh lift surgery

After the surgery, you can expect some bruising and swelling, which should gradually subside over a few weeks. It crucial to follow your surgeon's instructions for post-operative care is essential to ensure a smooth and successful recovery.

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Thigh Lift Surgery FAQs

How long do the results last after a thigh lift?

Thigh lift results generally last for many years, depending on the patient's lifestyle and genetics. The longevity of a thigh lift can be extended with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

How long does it take to recover from an upper thigh lift?

The exact amount of time it takes to recover from an upper thigh lift depends on the extent of the Procedure and the individual. Generally, however, most patients can expect to return to regular activity within two weeks.

How painful is a thigh lift?

The thigh lift procedure is considered to be a moderately painful experience. Typically, the patient may feel more soreness and discomfort than pain during the process and recovery. But, the discomfort and soreness will recover within some days after undergoing a thigh lift.

What do thigh lift scars look like?

Generally, a thigh lift will involve two incisions that run along the inner thigh from the groin area to just above the knee. The scarring from this Procedure can be very faint and difficult to see. However, in some cases, the scarring can be more pronounced and may appear as a straight line or bifurcated "V" shape.

Is running allowed after a thigh lift?

It is highly advised not to run or lift heavy weights for at least some after going through a thigh lift, as it can put unnecessary strain on your thigh. However, after some days, you will be fully recovered and will be able to run or lift weights again.

How many days does a patient stay in the hospital after a thigh lift?

After undergoing a thigh lift, patients usually have to stay 1-2 days at the hospital. Though it depends on every patient’s immediate health condition after the surgery.

What is the duration of a thigh lift operation?

A thigh lift is not an excessively lengthy process and usually does not take more than 2-3 hours. The exact duration of the thigh lift process usually depends on which technique of thigh lift is performed on you. In fact, after recovering from the thigh lift process, you would find it easier to engage in physical exercises, as it reduces the stiffness of your thigh.