Breast Implant Surgery Cost

Breast Implant Surgery Cost

Breast implant surgery enables the desired look of breasts. In 2021, the total number of breast augmentation was 365,000, and 148,000 people had implants. Below is a complete guide to planning Breast Augmentation surgery with a high success rate at the most affordable costs.


Key Points:

  • Breast Implant Surgery Cost is not covered by Insurance in the USA.
  • Breast Implant cost is $3,000 in India, all charges inclusive.
  • The same process can cost you $6,000 - $8,000 in the USA.

Breast Implant Surgery Cost, Surgeons, Implant Types, & Techniques

Breast Implant Surgery can reconstruct the breast into a desirable size and shape. It also helps enhance self-esteem. The procedure becomes popular with time because of its advantages. However, due to high costs, many women don’t consider breast implants. CureIndia provides personalized care with a high success rate at low breast implant surgery cost.

Cost Comparison of Breast Implant Surgery (India Vs. USA)

How much is breast implant surgery? Several aspects come up when considering getting breast implant surgery.

However, the cost is usually at the top of our list. Since most cosmetic surgeries are not covered by health insurance companies, having an insurance policy doesn’t help much. The best way to cut down the breast implant surgery cost is to opt for medical tourism. Breast implant price at CureIndia is affordable and provides maximum savings. Go through the packages to know the benefits of the procedure. The skillful hands of our renowned cosmetic and plastic surgeons reconstruct your ideal shape and size.

Procedure Cost in USA Cost in India Cost Savings
Breast Implant Surgery $5,000 - $7,000 $3,000 60%

CureIndia Breast Implant Costs Package

Aging, sudden weight loss, and pregnancy are some reasons that create a need for breast implant surgery. It is the best way to get back in shape and wear your favorite outfits. However, most insurance companies do not cover the surgery considering it an aesthetic procedure. As a result, they search for affordability but fear unsuccessful outcomes.

The best cosmetic surgeons and the services of internationally accredited hospitals provide scenic results. If you plan surgery with CureIndia, you don’t need to worry about how much is breast implant surgery. Check out the affordable cost package below to know the best facilities.

  • Cost of Breast Implant Surgery in total: $3,000
  • Procedure: Surgical Breast Implant
  • Place: New Delhi, India
  • NABH accredited hospital (second only to JCI accreditation)
  • M.S, M.Ch 14+ Years Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon 

Package Inclusions

  • Doctor’s  Consultation at ease
  • Investigation: Breast MRI
  • 2-3 days stay in hospital
  • 2 days rest in the hotel after discharge
  • IGI, New Delhi, Airport Pickup, and Drop-off hospitality services
  • Local transportation available  from the hotel to the hospital

Contact us at +91 8448560641 or fill in the inquiry form to know more about the package.

Additional Benefits of Breast Implant Surgery at CureIndia

The aim is to maximize value which means getting the best results for the least amount of money. You will have other advantages apart from receiving surgery with the best facilities.

  • Get pick-up service at no cost. We provide pick-up and drop-off services from New Delhi's IGI International Airport.
  • With our free-of-charge cabs, you will have a hassle-free local travel experience in India.
  • CureIndia helps you find the perfect accommodation. It is also a complimentary service for you to stay during the treatment.
  • We will provide dedicated Arabic/English/Russian/Bengali case managers for better hospitality.

Why CureIndia for Breast Implant Surgery?

  • 100+ JCI and NABH accredited hospitals and clinics
  • 2000+ Surgeons and consultants
  • Transparent and affordable pricing
  • Personalized care and attention
  • Value for Money
  • Complete confidentiality

Advanced Breast Implants Surgery at State-of-the-art Hospitals

CureIndia has world-class facilities with cutting-edge technology and highly qualified surgeons. It encourages individuals from all over the world to seek treatment. We offer the best medical facilities at advanced hospitals equipped with modern technologies. These hospitals are JCI or NABH accredited. That means the healthcare-providing institute qualifies and maintains all healthcare guidelines.

Best Cosmetic Surgeons for Breast Implant Procedure

We have board-certified cosmetic surgeons with remarkable years of experience in cosmetology. Our highly qualified surgeons are specialized in plastic surgeries. They have experience in surgeries for different people from different ethnicities. Breast implant surgery in CureIndia is well-known for being safe, natural-looking, and long-lasting results. 

1. Dr. Shilpi Bhadani

Customization is key. It is because not everyone has the same shape or requirements. Dr. Shilpi Bhadani knows it well. She has expertise in tailoring the best breast augmentation, breast reduction surgery, and liposuction for you.

Dr. Shilpi Bhadani Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi/NCR

2. Dr. Lokesh Handa

Dr. Lokesh Handa is a renowned reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon. He is efficient in rhinoplasty or septoplasty, stomach liposuction, breast reduction, and breast implant surgeries.

Dr. Lokesh Handa Speaks Reshape Your Body: Everything About Liposuction Surgery

3. Dr. Vipul Nanda

Underpromise and over-delivery are what Dr. Vipul Nanda believes and practices. With more than two decades of experience, Vipul Nanda has the skills to do breast enhancement with higher success.

Dr. Vipul Nanda Leading Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon in Gurgaon

Why Must One Undergo Breast Implant Surgery?

There are various reasons you desire to have a breast implant. Some of them are as follows:

  • If you feel self-conscious about the size of your breasts and want to modify how they look.
  • To compensate for a reduction in breast size that may have occurred due to pregnancy or severe weight loss.
  • If one of your breasts is noticeably smaller than the other, modify the symmetry of your breasts or breast implant sizes.
  • You want to feel more secure in yourself and have more self-esteem.
  • If your previous surgery results in issues and dissatisfaction, your breasts have become unequal due to any treatment.

Does Insurance Cover Breast Implant Surgery Cost? 

Breast implants help improve the appearance of the breasts. Medical plans do not pay for breast implant costs when it comes to insurance. It is because a breast implant is deemed an elective cosmetic surgery. It is not a medical crisis or emergency surgery. Insurance companies generally do not cover elective cosmetic surgeries. However, there are situations when you get a portion of coverage. 

Insurance companies may cover breast implant surgery costs at times. Post-mastectomy or genetic anomalies are some conditions that require breast implant surgery. In such situations, a breast implant is considered reconstructive and not cosmetic. A medical audit will help make a reconstruction surgery case for coverage. But, some insurance companies do not cover breast diseases. One must ask about breast surgery before taking any policy.

It is difficult to decide after knowing coverage restrictions on breast implant costs. Detailed information and a clear goal can help people. One can seek advice from a qualified plastic surgeon. A thorough discussion will help you understand total costs. After that, you can look into other financing choices.

CureIndia offers the most affordable breast implant prices to you. You will get a consultation from a skillful cosmetic surgeon. You can ask your surgeon to customize procedures to reach your goals. CureIndia provides stay, treatment, pick-up, and drop-off facilities. These facilities do not carry any hidden costs. Anyone can save maximum with CureIndia no matter whether they get insurance coverage or not. You can ask us for personalized cost quotes and assistance. 

Breast Implants Types and Techniques Explained

Types of Breast Implants

1. Saline Breast Implants

As the name suggests, salt water is in saline implants. Using saline has certain advantages, including the fact that it makes everything feel and look the same. If there is a leak, the body will usually take in the fluid and get rid of it. Unfilled saline implants inserted by your surgeon might reduce the likelihood of a noticeable breast implant scar after the operation.

2. Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone implants are made from a substance called silicone gel. These implants feel more natural than saline ones. Nevertheless, if the implants burst, there might be more complications. If you decide to undergo these implants, you must get regular checkups to ensure they haven't started leaking.

3. Surface texture or smoothness for implant covering

Researchers have found that breast implant surgery cost with a textured surface had a lower risk of capsular contracture and rotation. It has been argued that the more complicated sensation of a textured implant is because its capsule is significantly thicker. While breast implant-related anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) has been linked to textured implants, the risk is so low that many surgeons still prefer them over smooth implants.

Breast Implant Techniques

1. Implant Insertion

Submuscular placement of an implant is an alternative to sub-glandular placement. A skilled plastic surgeon will be fluent in both methods and will be able to adapt the operation to the individual patient's needs and tissue types.

Submuscular placement of an implant is an alternative to sub-glandular placement. A skilled plastic surgeon will be fluent in both methods and will be able to adapt the operation to the individual patient's needs and tissue types.

2. Fat Grafting

Utilizing an anatomically shaped implant, you may get a more natural look or one resembling a teardrop. In contrast, a spherical implant would enlarge your breasts' top and bottom poles. Choose only US Food and Drug Administration-approved silicone breast implant revision.

Breast Implant Placement

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, uses silicone, saline, or other compound breast implants to improve the breast size, shape, or volume of the breasts. Several factors influence the choice of site for the implantation of breast implants. Breast augmentation results are influenced by skin elasticity and how much skin stretches following surgery.

Placement of Subglandular Breast Implants

The implant is placed "over the muscle" which means in between the chest muscle and breast tissues. The over-the-muscle position does not create an obstacle in breastfeeding because it is below the gland. 


  • Recovery is smoother and typically quicker because the muscle is not disrupted.
  • The result is achieved more rapidly, and the swelling goes down faster.
  • There is no abnormality in the animation.
  • For women who already have additional breast tissue, the final appearance tends to look quite natural.

Placement of Submuscular Breast Implant 

The submuscular placement is under the muscle. The implant placement is partially under a major chest muscle. 


  • The outcome is more natural thanks to the smoother contour and more tissue covering.
  • Reduced incidence of capsular contracture is the development of a tiny capsule of scar tissue and can result in a tough-looking, occasionally painful breast that is deformed and has a stiff appearance.
  • Mammogram scanning and evaluation for breast cancer screenings are often more straightforward and precise.

You won't know what area is best for a breast implant unless you consult a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. Breast lift vs. implants-picking the right option for you will allow you to choose the right procedure. Additionally, you should be aware of the factors that might impact your decision to undergo breast implant surgery, such as: 

  • Your body type
  • Condition of your natural breasts
  • The size and shape of the chosen implants
  • Desired outcomes for the appearance of your breasts.
  • Your acceptance of the slow subsiding of the breast implant scars.

Pre-Procedure, During Procedure, and Post Procedure


If you want to be sure that you don't forget any of the information included in your pre-op package, you should read it 2 - 3 times: once right after your visit, once the day before surgery, and once after surgery. If you prepare beforehand, you will enjoy a quieter and more comfortable recuperation time. Prepare for your recovery by picking up any necessary medications, stocking up on soothing foods, arranging a cozy sleeping space, and scheduling a ride to your first and second post-op appointments.

On the night before your operation, you should not go to bed alone; instead, make arrangements for someone to be with you. Breast implants before and after, people are strongly told not to smoke for a whole month.

During Procedure

A general anesthetic is given to the person having breast augmentation surgery. It is what the surgery entails.

Performing a cut (sometimes called an incision) in the skin either adjacent to or below the breast.Placing the implant either in front of or behind the muscle in the chest, depending on how you want it to look (as discussed during your consultation).

Repairing the incision by sewing it up and applying a dressing on it. The surgery takes anywhere from sixty to ninety minutes to complete. If your breast implant surgery cost was scheduled for the evening, you can go home the same day, but you should stay in the hospital overnight. You will get pain medication if you feel discomfort following the procedure.

Post Procedure

You might expect discomfort and edema in the days and weeks after surgery. The risk of being bruised is also present. Breast implant scars are normal to lighten over time but won't go away entirely. You may aid in the healing process by using a compression bandage or sports bra to assist the breast implants in place and the correct position while they recover. Your doctor may also recommend painkillers.

One must listen to the surgeon's advice regarding returning to everyday routine. Depending on your profession's nature, you can return to work in as little as a few weeks. You should rest for at least two weeks and refrain from doing anything that may cause your heart rate or blood pressure to increase. If you've just had breast surgery, it's essential to know how much is a breast implant and that your breasts will be more sensitive to touch and movement as they recover.

A sign of breast implant problems is needed if your surgeon utilized no absorbable sutures or positioned drainage tubes in the area of your breasts.

Breast Implant Customization

Implant Placement

Implant placement depends on requirements and breast structure. The implant placed over the chest muscle is called subglandular placement. The other implant is submuscular, placed under the chest muscles. The objective is to offer the implants the best possible long-lasting covering avoiding abnormalities. Breast implants can fix rippling and wrinkles.

Both subglandular and submuscular implant positions are suitable for every type of implant. Placement is preferred based on the patient's anatomy, lifestyle, and the specific implant chosen. For ladies with thin breast tissue, submuscular or dual-plane insertion of breast implants is advised. It is because the implant's margins will be well-concealed. Saline breast implants respond well to this technique.

Implant Type

The two main breast implant alternatives are saline implants and silicone, or gummy bear, implants. The silicone gel used to fill silicone implants. This implant closely approximates the weight and consistency of human fat. Silicone breast implants are the most widely used. Saline implants, on the other hand, are sterile, saltwater-filled implants that usually cost less. Nevertheless, both implant forms are regarded as being extremely secure and efficient.

Implant Sizes

Size is crucial when thinking about breast enhancement with implants. Many ladies desire larger breasts that don't look out of proportion. Others believe they want to achieve the most fabulous size possible. The most common breast implant sizes fall between 350 ccs and 400 ccs, adding up to an additional two cup sizes.

How do I start?

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2). As soon as you reach us, our case manager will get back to you within 24 hours. We gather your requirements and clinical images(if needed), and discuss them with our cosmetic surgeons. We will get back to you with a cost estimate and treatment plan.

3). We book your appointment as per your travel schedule and make all necessary arrangements.

4). We pick you up at the New Delhi Airport on the day of your arrival, and the medical travel process starts.

Breast Implant FAQs

What is the average time frame for a breast augmentation procedure?

While most women may expect to go home the same day of their breast augmentation, four exceptions exist. While you should plan on arriving an hour or two early and spending some time recovering following breast augmentation surgery, the actual process usually takes just about an hour to two.

Specifically, what kind of breast implant do you recommend the most?

Silicone implants are the most comfortable option. You can also try other options. Your surgeon will pick the best implant required for you. 

When comparing breast augmentation with implants, what are the key differences?

As an example, breast implantation is a surgical procedure that changes the size, shape, breast implant removal, and curves of the breasts. During a breast augmentation surgery, a breast implant, which is a medical prosthesis, is put into the patient's breasts.

Is it possible for breast jobs to see and feel completely normal?

New methods and equipment are there to achieve a natural appearance and feel after breast implantation. Silicone breast implants have a more natural feel than their saline counterparts.

How long does recovery take after surgery?

Although there is a wide range of recovery timeframes following breast augmentation, most patients resume their regular activities 48 to 72 hours after surgery. Your plastic surgeon will go through this in greater depth during your initial consultation with you.

Which breast implant size is best for me?

The size of implants you select will depend on various elements, such as your long-term aesthetic goals and unique body type. The size and position of the implant will be carefully selected during the initial appointment to fit every individual uniquely.

How safe are silicone implants?

There are not any differences between the safety of silicone-filled and saline-filled breast implants according to the reports recorded for medical studies. You can choose whatever your surgeon suggests to be your best fit.