AMS 700 LGX Cost in India

AMS 700 LGX Cost in India

AMS 700 LGX Inflatable Penile Prosthesis

According to the results of a study, 1.7 million men are candidates for penile prosthesis implantation in the USA, UK & Australia. They can get benefits by using an AMS 700 LGX penile implant. It is a useful tool for gaining confidence. Below is a comprehensive guide to planning AMS 700 LGX™ penile implant at an affordable cost.


Key Points:

  • AMS 700 LGX penile implant cost is not covered by insurance.
  • The cost of AMS 700 LGX implant is around $12,000 in India, all inclusive.
  • The same procedure can cost you around $22,000 in the USA and $20,000 in the UK and Australia.



AMS 700 LGX is one of the most popular three-piece inflatable penile implants. It is an implant from the AMS 700 range manufactured by Boston Scientific. This highly advanced penile implant is well-known in the world. It helps for both length and girth increase. 

AMS 700 penile implants are three-piece penile implants. That means the AMS 700 LGX implant contains 3-components to function. These components are connected. A pair of cylinders, a squeeze pump, and a reservoir are the parts of the implant.

The cylinders are in pairs in AMS 700 implants (like silicone rods in semi-rigid implants). These cylinders are placed in the corpus cavernosa. The squeeze pump is implanted under the skin of the scrotum. Then, it is connected to the reservoir, which is surgically placed in the abdominal cavity.

Working of new ams 700 lgx Inflatable Implant

When anyone squeezes the pump, the fluid from the reservoir rushes to the cylinders. It results in the cylinders inflating to provide the penis with a rigid erection. After AMS 700 penile implant surgery, people can enjoy steady sexual activities for the desired duration. They can press the deflate button on the pump placed in the scrotum whenever they require a penis in a flaccid state. Deflation results in the fluid from the penis returning to the reservoir.

Dr. Gautam Banga, India's top penile implant surgeon explains surgical techniques, benefits and working of AMS 700 LGX Penile Prosthesis


AMS 700 LGX Cost in India

Procedure: AMS 700™ LGX Inflatable Penile Prosthesis (IPP) for Erectile Dysfunction.
Total Cost: $12,000
Stay in New Delhi, India: 5-7 Days

Package Inclusions

  • Doctor Consultation
  • Blood Investigations
  • X-rays and Pre-Anaesthesia Check-up
  • Cost of the Surgery
  • AMS 700 Penile Implant Price
  • 2 days stay in a private room in the hospital

Complimentary Services

The following services are free for all international patients:-

  • Free Airport pick and drop from IGI International Airport, New Delhi.
  • Free hotel near the hospital after the surgery for 3-5 days follow up.
  • Free Cabs for local travel.
  • Dedicated English speaking case manager for smooth medical travel experience.
  • Free Indian SIM card for local communication.

AMS 700 LGX Cost Comparison in the World

Procedure Cost in India Cost in USA Cost in UK Cost in Australia
AMS 700 Implantation $12,000  $22,000  $20,000  $20,000

AMS 700 LGX Patient Review After Penile Implant Surgery

Hundreds of people from the USA, UK, and Australia visit India for the cheapest penile implant procedures each year. They get satisfactory results and pleasure in their lives. Here watch the AMS 700 LGX penile implant review from a patient who had undergone penile implant surgery in India.

Australian patient gets inflatable penile implant surgery in India

Features of AMS 700 LGX- 3 Piece Penile Prosthesis

AMS 700 LGX is a 3-piece inflatable penile implant. An inflatable penile implant consists of a fluid-stuffed reservoir, a pump, and two cylindrical implants. The fluid transfers to the cylinder by pressing the pump in the scrotum. One can stay erect as long as he wants. Here are some features of this implant made after long research and detailed study to fit anyone despite their ethnicity.

  1. Rear Tip Extender (RTE) Model: Tip extender helps fit in the penis and secure rigid erection. As the implant comes in a broad range of sizes, it fits correctly to any person.

  2. Concealability: The penile implant is customized for flexible use. So it offers a smooth feature for comfort while deflated.

  3. Pump with Momentary Squeeze: Momentary squeeze(MS) allows the implant to deflate with one touch. And the lock-out-valve resists auto inflation.

  4. Inhibizone Antibiotic coating: AMS 700 LGX implant is soaked in an antibacterial called inhibizone to prevent infection due to the implant. Inhibizone consists of two types of antibiotics. One is Rifampin and the other is Minocycline. These antibiotics are released slowly after the AMS 700 penile prosthesis surgery. Hence, it helps reduce the infection rate due to implant by half.



How Does The AMS 700 LGX Function?

The 3-piece IPP model consists of a reservoir that is implanted in the lower abdomen. The two cylinders are implanted into the shaft of the penis, side by side. And the pump implanted in the scrotum.

♦ The reservoir contains fluid that helps inflate the cylinders at the time of erection. At the deflated position, the liquid stays in the reservoir.

♦ Cylinders inflate when the liquid in the reservoir moves into it. The cylinders firmly erect the penis like a natural erection happens.

♦ A pump is utilized to inflate or deflate the cylinders. It helps transfer fluid to the cylinder from the reservoir for the erection.

Inflating the Penile Implant

One must know how to inflate the implant to get an erection. The experts will explain to you the function of inflating and deflating the implant. To inflate it, you must squeeze the pump in the scrotum. The squeezing helps the pump to activate. The fluid then moves to the cylinders from the reservoir. One may feel the movement of fluid into the cylinders. When cylinders get filled with fluid the penis erects.

Deflating the Penile Implant

There is an easy deflation button above the pump, to deflate the implant. When you feel the need to deflate it, you can squeeze the deflation button for about four seconds. After that, the fluid leaves the cylinders. Then, the cylinders return to their original state that makes the penis flaccid.
Remember, never to squeeze the deflation button and the inflation pump together.

AMS 700 LGX Vs. AMS 700 CX Vs. AMS 700 CXR

Boston Scientific has 3 similar but not the same penile implants. These are AMS 700™ LGX, AMS 700 CX, and AMS 700 CXR. Here, check the differences among them.

Implant Models AMS 700 LGX AMS 700 CX AMS 700 CXR
Features 3-piece IPP (2 cylinders, 1 pump, & 1 reservoir) 3-piece IPP (2 cylinders, 1 pump, & 1 reservoir) 3-piece IPP (2 cylinders, 1 pump, & 1 reservoir)
Available Lengths 12 cm, 15cm, 18 cm, and 21 cm 12 cm, 15cm, 18 cm, 21 cm and 24 cm are available on special orders. 12 cm, 14cm, and 16cm. 10 cm and 18 cm are available on special orders.
Cylinders Wider Wider Narrow
Antibacterial Inhibizone Present Present Present
Length Increase Yes No Yes
Girth Increase Yes Yes No

AMS 700™ LGX Vs. Rigicon Infla 10X Vs. Coloplast Titan

Like AMS 700™ LGX from Boston Scientific, there are other companies for 3-piece inflatable penile prosthesis. One of them is Rigicon, which provides the Rigicon Infla 10X model. Another company, Coloplast, provides the Coloplast Titan model.

Implant Models AMS 700™ LGX Rigicon Infla 10X Coloplast Titan
Material Silicone Silicone Bioflex
Available Lengths 12 cm, 15cm, 18 cm, and 21 cm 12 cm, 15cm, 18 cm, 22 cm and 24 cm 14 cm, 16 cm, 18 cm, 20 cm and 22 cm
Hydrophilic Coating Available Available Available
Antibacterial Coating Yes Yes No
Rigidity Rigid after inflation and flaccid after deflation Rigid after inflation and flaccid after deflation Rigid after inflation and deflation
Pump Momentary squeezing (easy to deflate) Rapid pump (rapid inflation and deflation) One-touch pump (easy to inflate)
Length Increase Yes Yes No
Girth Increase Yes No Yes

It is suggested to consult with a board-certified andrologist who can diagnose your issue better. The expert will assist you in choosing a penile implant according to your anatomy and desires. CureIndia andrologists are highly qualified and have successfully handled many such issues.

AMS 700™ LGX Implants Provides the Following Benefits

ED cure by Penile Implants in India

1. Long Durability

The AMS 700 penile prosthesis model is ideal for long-term use without worrying. It is one among the new penile implant devices in 2023. The easy-to-use functions provide satisfaction. The parylene coating over the implant protects it from damage. Hence, this model is more durable than other implants.

2. Increases Length & Girth

AMS 700 LGX is the only implant that provides length and girth increase. It comes in various sizes according to requirements. AMS 700 LGX not only increases the length, but it also increases the girth. So, if you are worried about size, opt for this model. According to a study in Boston Scientific, patients gain 3 cm length and 2 cm girth after one year of the penile implant surgery.

3. Natural Behavior

The inflation and deflation of the implant's cylinders, provide the closest experience of natural penis erection with the help of an external device. It can be said that it’s hard to find out that a person is using an AMS 700 penile implant if not explicitly informed.

4. Excellent Concealment

These inflatable penile implants, especially the AMS 700 models by Boston Scientific, allow the penis to return to a flaccid state after intercourse, like a natural flaccid penis. On the other hand, most semi-rigid penile implants maintain some stiffness while not being used for sexual intercourse, hence providing an unpleasant concealment.

5. Ease of Use

An AMS 700 penile implant is a fairly easy device to operate. The device needs a gentle press of a pump under the skin for inflating the cylinders in the penis. Similarly, a gentle push of the deflate button on the pump to deflate the cylinders. 

6. Global Warranty

The penile implant comes with an international warranty. That means you get the warranty in any country you have the implant done in. In other words, If you get the penile implant surgery in India, and fly back to your home country, the implant is still under warranty.

7. InhibiZone™ for Less Infection

The AMS 700 penile implant model comes with an optional InhibiZone™ Antibiotic Surface Treatment, which prevents bacterial infections associated with penile implants.

8. Costs

It is one of the most advanced and successful penile implants available in the world and is considered to be a gold standard for permanent treatment of erectile dysfunction. The AMS 700 penile implant cost depends on the experience of the penile surgeon as well as the hospital. AMS 700 lgx cost is $12,000, all inclusive. 

AMS 700 LGX Sizes

The penile implant is available in various sizes for everyone. The AMS 700 LGX is available in 12 cm, 15cm, 18 cm, and 21 cm lengths. It is a 3-piece system specially made for the expansion in length. It provides 25% up in length and up to 20 mm expansion in girth. Hence, people who want to enhance their penis have an option with this penile implant.

AMS 700 LGX Size Chart

Penoscrotal Approach Model Number Infrapubic Approach Model Number
12cm PS 72404250 12cm IP 72404255
15cm PS 72404251 15cm IP 72404256
18cm PS 72404252 18cm IP 72404257
21cm PS 72404253 21cm IP 72404258

There are other inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP) available. However, the others help maintain the size and girth. On the other hand, AMS 700 LGX sizes fit people and increase their size. As per the study, no patient experienced a shortening of the length after an implant surgery using the model. However, a 3 cm increase in length is found in a study. Many patients have received this implant because the model provides fewer complications and erection that feel ‘natural’.

Components of a 3-piece AMS 700™ LGX Penile Prosthesis

This inflatable penile prosthesis is a 3-piece implant. It consists of two cylinders and a reservoir. The reservoir is spherical. Check the diagram to learn about the implants’ components and functions.


Our Doctors for AMS 700 Penile Implant Operation

1. Dr Gautam Banga

Dr. Gautam Banga is a reconstructive urologist and andrologist in Delhi NCR. He is one of the best doctors for penile implants in India, trained for the highest satisfaction rates. He gets patients from the Middle East, CIS, Russia & the UK. He is an international faculty in andrology & reconstructive urology and has been invited by several countries to their national conferences including Tunisia, Iraq, Germany, Kurdistan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan.


2. Dr. Vijayant Govinda Gupta

Dr. Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a renowned name amongst medical tourists coming to India for penile implants. He specializes in doing AMS 700 penile prosthesis surgery for national and international patients. He is a member of the European Association of Urology and Urological Society of India. He is the only triple-certified penile implant surgeon in Delhi with a vast experience of 14 years.


3. Dr. Raman Tanwar

Dr. Raman Tanwar is an internationally-trained andrologist and sexologist working with renowned hospitals of Delhi NCR. He has ample knowledge of both AMS 700 and Inflatable penile prosthesis surgery. He has been awarded by the British Medical Association, Indian Medical Association, International Society of Sexual Medicine, Urological Society of India, Men’s Health Society of India, and many more.


4. Dr. Vineet Malhotra

Dr. Vineet Malhotra is the best urologist & sexologist in Delhi with vast experience in treating men with ED. He is one of the top ten urologists in India and specializes providing a wide range of treatment options for ED cure and male infertility. Over 17 years of experience in minimally invasive urological and andrological procedures have led him to the pinnacle in the same field.


Surgery Techniques and Outcomes for AMS 700 LGX Implants

The penile implant surgery requires a small incision in the scrotum or above the pubic bone. Through this incision, all 3-pieces of the inflatable penile prosthesis are inserted and put in place. The surgery lasts for around 1 hour to 90 minutes. The procedure is done under anesthesia. The patients are required to stay at the hospital for 2 days. They need to stay in nearby the hotel for 2 more days for follow-up and to avoid penile implant problems. There can be some pain and soreness at the surgical site, but it recovers soon. In 3-4 days the people become fit to carry on with day-to-day activities with protection. The patient can engage in regular sexual activity in around 4 to 6 weeks.

The surgeon has two choice while implanting the AMS 700 LGX penile prosthesis :-

1. Penoscrotal Approach

Pentecostal Approach

In a penoscrotal approach, a small incision is made in the scrotum. The pre-connected components of the implants are inserted and put in place. The implant was placed with preconnected cylinders and a pump. The chances of damage to the dorsal nerves are quite less with this approach, hence ensuring no sensory loss.



2. Infrapubic Approach

Infrapubic Approach

A small infrapubic incision is made above the pubic bone. This approach allows the surgeon to implant the reservoir quickly and under direct supervision through the same incision. Thus, an extra incision in the scrotum is not required in the Infrapubic approach. Hence, it is more minimally invasive. The surgeon connects the cylinder and pumps later during surgery. 

While both of the above techniques are safe and successful, it depends on the approach the surgeon is more comfortable with. Most surgeons prefer the Penoscrotal approach for the perfect placement of the implant.

Does Insurance Cover AMS 700 LGX 3-Piece Penile Implant Cost?

Insurance cover for AMS 700 LGX 3-piece penile implant cost depends on the purpose of your surgery. Of course, penile implant surgery is for treating erectile dysfunction. But there are some prominent factors you must check before going deeper.

Commercial health insurance companies and Medicare, or VI, are specially designed to provide their clients with insurance coverage for medically necessary treatments. Any medical procedure that provides results for improving physical appearance or out of personal choice is considered cosmetic surgery.

Penile implant surgery is considered cosmetic surgery if psychological issues lead to erectile dysfunction. However, if your problems with erectile dysfunction are physical intricacies, then your insurance company may cover a portion of your penile implant procedure.

Medicare and other health insurance companies usually cover the costs of AMS 700 LGX or any other penile implant. If a patient can prove that his penile prosthesis is required to perform an erection then they may get cover. If you need such insurance coverage, talk to your surgeon first. Your surgeon is well aware of such factors and will help you with a detailed documented medical history. They will provide proof of the failure of other approaches as well. Gather all essential records and submit them as verified proof to your insurance company.

FAQs on AMS 700 LGX Penile Implants

Is AMS 700 LGX Implant the best implant for me?

The AMS 700 penile implant is undoubtedly a great and budget-friendly penile implant. A few factors help to decide if it is the best implant for you. The choice of implant depends on a lot of factors like:

Budget of the patient - The AMS 700 LGX is the most advanced and the world's largest penile implant. So, the cost is a bit on the higher side. So if you want a long-term solution, the squeeze pumps implanted under the skin cost will repay itself.

Concealment of the Implant - The three-piece IPP can be more easily concealed compared to the semi-rigid penile implants. So, if concealment is a major concern, the AMS 700 LGX is an excellent choice.

Ease of use - The AMS 700 implant is easy to operate and use. A gentle push of a pump erects the penis, and a slight bend of the penis shaft returns the erected penis to a flaccid state.

Warranty & Life - The AMS 700 penile implant has an international warranty for mechanical failure of the components. The device is a high-quality one and generally works fine for years. 

Natural Behaviour - If your goal is to have sexual intercourse that is as close to natural as possible, then AMS 700 LGX implants are better poised. The inflatable implants inflate and deflate the penis with fluid, just like it happens in a person with no erectile dysfunction and hence the gold standard for ED cure.

Is the AMS 700 LGX Implant covered by Insurance?

None of the penile implants are covered by Insurance in India, just like cosmetic surgeries. However, you can still check with your Insurer if they assist with penile implants.

Do I get a warranty on the AMS 700 LGX implant?

Yes, the AMS 700 LGX™ penile implant comes with an international warranty for mechanical failure of the components. The device is a high quality one and generally works fine for years. If the device stops working because of a mechanical issue, the company replaces the implant. So if you want to safeguard your investment, AMS 700 is the best implant for you.

What is the life of an AMS 700 LGX implant?

Penile implant is a mechanical device and if used properly, it can last a long time.Once placed by a skilled penile implant surgeon, the AMS 700 LGX penile prosthesis lasts almost a lifetime for elderly patients. In young patients, over so many years of intercourse, the silicone might lose its rigidity, and might call for a replacement. It’s very difficult to define that in years but there are patients who are still using it with satisfaction even after 15-16 years after implantation.

Can the length and girth of the penis be increased by an AMS 700 LGX implantation?

AMS 700 LGX is claimed to be the only inflatable penile implant in the market with cylinders designed to expand in girth and length of up to 25%.

Is there an impact of the AMS 700 LGX implant on my sex drive, sensation or orgasm?

No. The penile implant doesn't affect your sex drive. It assists you to make the most of you sex drive and sexual life. Penile prosthesis is a mechanical device that aids or mimics erection.The skin, the glanular sensation, the ejaculatory process, the orgasm - everything remains the same. The patient can equally enjoy the sexual activity as a normal person with a normal erection. The best thing with AMS 700 penile prosthesis is that it provides a very good, hard and rigid erection and so the patient can enjoy the things in a much better way than a partially erect or flaccid penis. There is no loss of sensation, no loss of orgasm and no loss of ejaculation.

Erectile Dysfunction cure penile implants in india

What are the other implant choices for me in Inflatable penile implants?

Apart from AMS 700 LGX™ penile prosthesis, we have the following options for you :-
1) 2-piece inflatable penile prosthesis - AMS Ambicor
2) 3-piece inflatable penile prosthesis - AMS 700™ CX and AMS 700™ CXR

What are the other implant choices for me in Semi Rigid penile implants?

If you would like to for for SEMI RIGID penile implants, we have the following options for you :-
1) AMS Tactra malleable penile implant
2) AMS Spectra concealable penile prosthesis

How safe is AMS 700 LGX implant surgery?

This penile implant has an antibacterial coating that prevents infections and skin necrosis. The 3-layer design helps to absorb fluid and provide length and girth for intimate satisfaction. The 3-piece IPP is safe for implant surgery and provides satisfactory results even after years.

What is the warranty for AMS 700 LGX?

AMS 700 LGX comes with a 5-year global warranty for mechanical failure. However, the implant can last for a lifetime.

What is the durability of the AMS 700 implant?

The implant is made of silicone and coated with perylene to mitigate cylinder fatigue and wear. According to a clinical review of over 55,000 implants, the 7-year mechanical failure-free survival rate for the AMS 700™ was 94.1%.

Is AMS 700 LGX MRI safe?

The penile implant is MRI Conditional. That means you can be MRI scanned safely within certain limits. Patient review after penile implant surgery in India