Rigi10 Malleable Penile Implant

Rigi10 Malleable Penile Implant

Rigicon Rigi10 Semi-Rigid Penile Implant in India

The Rigi10 penile implant is a semi-rigid silicone penile implant for ED cure. The prosthesis is implanted in the penis by an experienced urologist and works well. It aids the erection and enables the bearer to perform sexual activities normally. The bearer has to bend the penis in the erect state and is prepared to enjoy the intercourse. The unique Flexible Rod Technology™ provides easy bending up to 135° angle while simulating a more natural erection feeling.

Features of Rigicon Rigi10 Penile Implant

The semi-rigid penile implant was designed after researching so many years. Rigi10 is a penile implant of new advances that provides men’s health and satisfaction. The unique features of Rigicon Rigi10 allow ease of use and implantation.

1. Flexible cylinders

The cylinders are flexible so the bearer can bend it when it does not require erection. Undesired erection is avoided for such flexibility. At the time of erection, the cylinders provide a similar to natural erection.

2. Tip extenders

The malleable penile prosthesis Rigi10 prosthesis is obtainable with secure fit extenders. These extenders can be attached easily to the tips of febrile rods. Tips extenders come as a set with a penile prosthesis with a size of 0.5 to 1 cm. It adds length to the implant.

3. Hydrophilic coating

The hydrophilic coating absorbs the antibiotic easily to avoid any kind of infection after the implant. Also, the liquid absorption provides enough lubrication for easy implantation.

4. Anatomical sizes

Rigi10 is available in six different diameters according to penile anatomy. Hence, a surgeon can address the patient's desired requirements with a perfect fit size. No other malleable penile implants have a similar wide range.

Benefits of Rigi10 Penile Prosthesis

1. Easy to implant

The implant has a high bending angle allowing implantation through a smaller corporotomy. The additional lubrication on hydrophilic coating promotes implanting ease.

2. Easy to size

The 6 different diameter sizes are available to ensure perfect fit after implant. The penile rods are cycled from 0 to 90° bend for many cycles.

3. Easy to attach

The prosthesis comes with SecureFit™ extenders that are easy to connect and add to the length. They provide a firm connection between the extenders and the flexible rod. All diameter sizes are available with two extender sizes (0.5 cm and 1.0 cm).

4. Durability

It is one of the most durable malleable devices and provides satisfactory performance results even after long cycles of simulated tests.

5. Flexibility

The Flexible Rod Technology™ provides bending ease up to 135° and performing sexual activity. It also avoids the undesirable turning of the implant.

6. Rigidity

Rigi10 has the core of the stainless steel and titanium caps on them. The design provides enough rigidity for long cycles. Also, it bears the force required for vaginal intercourse.

7. SecureFit™ Extenders

The Rigi10 penile prosthesis comes with SecureFit™ extenders attached to the flexible rod. It enables a secure connection. Hence, the implant provides a comfortable fit.

8. Rigicon Rigi10 Cost

Rigicon Rigi10 cost

Rigi10 is one of the most affordable malleable penile implants while not compromising in quality at all. Unlike other inflatable penile prosthesis, Rigi10 is easy to use and affordable. The implant gives rock hard erection with little care and can last for a lifetime. Contact CureIndia to get successful penile implant surgery in India using Rigi10 at $4,500.

Our Doctors for Rigi10 Malleable Penile Implant

1. Dr. Gautam Banga

Dr. Gautam Banga is a reconstructive urologist and andrologist in Delhi NCR. He is one of the best doctors for penile implants in India with the highest satisfaction rates. He gets patients from the middle east, CIS, Russia & Europe. He is an international faculty in andrology & reconstructive urology and is invited by several countries in their national conferences including Tunisia, Iraq, Germany, Kurdistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan.


2. Dr. Vijyant Govinda

Dr. Vijyant Govinda Gupta is a renowned name amongst the medical tourists coming to India for penile implants. He specializes in doing indian malleable implant surgery for domestic as well as international patients. He is a member of the European Association of Urology and Urological Society of India. He is the only triple certified penile implant surgeon in Delhi with an experience of 14 years.


3. Dr. Raman Tanwar

Dr. Raman Tanwar is an internationally-trained urologist, andrologist & sexologist working with renowned hospitals of Delhi NCR. He has a vast experience of both imported & Indian penile implants. He has been awarded by the British Medical Association, Indian Medical Association, International Society of Sexual Medicine, Urological Society of India, Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International, Men’s Health Society of India, Indian Association of Urogenital Surgeons, World Science Congress and many other state level organisations.


4. Dr. Vineet Malhotra

Dr. Vineet Malhotra is the best urologist & sexologist in Delhi with vast experience in treating men with ED. He specializes providing a wide range of treatment options for ED cure and male infertility. Over 17 years of experience in minimally invasive urological & andrological procedures have led him to the pinnacle in the same field.


Rigicon Rigi10 Penile Implant Surgery and Outcomes

The surgery for malleable implants is less complex than other inflatable implants. The surgery usually lasts for 1-2 hours when done by an experienced urologist. Post-surgery, a hospital stay is required for two days. In the case of international patients, it is suggested to stay in India for 2-3 more days. So, the patient can adjust as well for the follow-ups and solve the issues if there is any post-surgery. The recovery rate of penile implants is quite high. The patient is fit to carry on day-to-day activities within 3-4 weeks of post-surgery. The patient can engage in sexual activity within around 4 weeks.

Rigi10 Penile Prosthesis Sizes

The availability of different sizes of diameter allows anatomical fitting for any patient. Also, the tip extenders help to extend tips and overall length increment.

Diameters Lengths Extenders
9 mm 23 cm 0.5 cm to 1 cm
10 mm 23 cm
11 mm 25 cm
12 mm 25 cm
13 mm 25 cm
14 mm 25 cm

An andrologist is an expert in implant surgery and has a vast knowledge of different anatomy. Hence, consult with a board-certified doctor before choosing or deciding on the correct size according to desire.

Rigi10 Vs. AMS Tactra

Rigicon Rigi10's malleable penile prosthesis is an advanced creation from Rigicon. AMS Tactra malleable penile implant is a product of Boston Scientific. Though both are semi-rigid and functionally similar there are some differences. The table below will help you to know about the differences.

Implant Models Rigi10 AMS Tactra
Type Malleable penile prosthesis Malleable penile prosthesis
Material 4-layer silicone and Teflon with stainless steel core Dual-layer silicon with Nitinol in core
Lengths 23 and 25 cm with a trimmable zone 23, 25, and 27 cm with 8 cm trimmable zone
Diameters 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 mm 9.5, 11, and 13 mm
Hydrophilic coating Available No available
Tip-extenders 0.5 to 1 cm 0.5 to 1 cm
Concealability Can reach bending angle up to 0-135° Can reach bending angle from 0-90°
Rigidity Very rigid Very rigid

CureIndia suggests always consulting with a board-certified urologist or andrologist before deciding on an appropriate implant that fits well to your anatomy and desire. An expert has vast knowledge and years of experience implanting prostheses. Hence, one can rely on specialists' advice. To discuss with an experienced urologist for penile implant surgery in India, contact CureIndia.

Components of a Rigi10 Penile Prosthesis

A Rigicon Rigi10 malleable penile implant has components like soft tip and tip extenders. Also, the overall shape is designed to meet aspects a patient desires in a prosthesis.


How Does Rigi10 Prosthesis Work?

The Rigi10 semi-rigid penile prosthesis is a cutting-edge penile prosthesis that solves problems related to ED. The implants consist of one pair of penile rods or cylinders. These cylinders are implanted into the hollow tissues of the penis. Whenever an erection is required, a person can erect comfortably the penis which is bearing the implant because of the high concealment. The world's first prosthesis has a 4-layers design for better anatomical fitting and maximum rigidity.

The prosthesis has superior concealment and can be bent from 0-135° for many cycles. The partner cannot detect the implant unless a person tells the partner. Hence, the implant provides confidence for great physical and mental satisfaction.

FAQs on Rigicon Rigi10 Penile Implant

Is Rigi10 penile implant MRI safe?

Yes, you can safely scan bearing the penile implant. One should follow the special instructions provided by the manufacturer if you need to have MRI scanning.

What is the difference between Rigi10 and AMS Tactra?

While thinking about Rigi10 Vs. AMS Tactra, we should consider every aspect of desire and anatomy. Rigi10 is available in 6 sizes whereas AMS Tactra has 3. Rigi10 has an anti-bacterial coating and a 4-layer for an infection-free perfect fit. Also, it is bendable up to 135°. One should discuss with an expert before deciding on the implant.

How to determine which Rigi10 size is suitable for me?

No certain method to select the size is available to fit the penile anatomy by your own. An expert can help you choose it. Hence, consult with a doctor first before determining the size.

Is Rigi10 the best implant for me?

The Rigi10 flexible rod penile implant is undoubtedly a great implant that comes with unique features. It is the only malleable implant that comes with Flexible Rod Technology™ and SecureFit™ extenders. But a few factors decide if it is the  best implant for you. The choice of implant depends on a lot of factors like:-

Easy to use: The absence of complex parts unlike inflatable prosthesis makes it easy to use for the patient. It is easy to implant for the implantologist also as it comes with two extenders. The extenders come in 0.5 cm and 1.0 cm size. The implant provides quite hard and rigid erection and it is quite comfortable as compared to other inflatable counterparts.

Budget of the patient: The Rigi10 is one of the most trusted malleable penile implants. There are other types of  inflatable implants as well but their cost is on a bit higher side. So if you are looking for a malleable penile implant only, and budget is a concern for you, Rigi10 is the best implant you can go for.

Warranty & Life: The Rigi10 penile implant comes with an international warranty for mechanical failure of the components. The device is a high quality one and generally works fine for years. If the device stops working because of a mechanical issue, the company replaces the implant.

Natural Behaviour: If your goal is to have a sexual intercouse which is as close to natural as possible, then Rigi10 is the best choice. It provides a hard and rigid erection just like it happens in a person with no erectile dysfunction and hence the best implants for permanent cure of ED.

Is the Rigi10 Implant covered by Insurance?

None of the penile implants are covered by Insurance in India, just like cosmetic surgeries. However, you can still check with your Insurer if they assist with penile implants.

Do I get a warranty on the Rigi10 implant?

Yes, Rigi10 malleable penile implant comes with an international warranty. The warranty is for the mechanical failure of the components of the implant only. But generally, the implant is quite durable and can last a lifetime. In case the device stops working you can get it replaced anywhere in the world from an experienced urologist. Your prosthesis would be replaced without any charges.

What is the life of a Rigi10 implant?

The Rigi10 penile implant is one of the most durable variants of Rigicon. Once placed by a skilled surgeon, it can last a lifetime. Usually, malleable implants are quite durable because of the less complex parts they have unlike the inflatable penile prosthesis. In young patients, it might lose it's rigidity overtime. But it is very difficult to the life of implants but we have patients who are still using it even after 15-16 years.

Can the length and girth of the penis be increased by a Rigi10 penile implant?

Penile implant is a cosmetic procedure and it has its own limitations.The stretched penile length and erect penis of any size is better than the flaccid penis. So if you have a 4-inch erect penis and you’re able to perform sexual activity is way better than having a 6-inch long flaccid penis.

The erection achieved with Rigi10 is quite hard and rigid as compared to other variants. The patient is able to enjoy the things in a much better way than a partially erect or flaccid penis.

Is there an impact of the Rigi10 implant on my sex drive, sensation or orgasm?

None of the penile implants affect your sex drive. It helps you to make the most of your sexual drive. Rigi10 penile implant aids or mimics erection.The skin, the glanular sensation, the ejaculatory process, the orgasm - everything remains the same. The bearer can equally enjoy the sexual activity as a normal person with a normal erection. There is no loss of sensation, no loss of orgasm and no loss of ejaculation with the Indian malleable implant. The patient is benefited with the Coloplast Genesis penile implant India if they are suffering from ED, and they can live a normal married or sexual life.