Dick Enlargement Surgery in India

Dick Enlargement Surgery in India

Dick Enlargement Surgery in India - Procedure & Success Rates

The phallus has been thought to be a logo of masculinity throughout history; therefore penis size has long been a supply of tension for several men. Though the bulk of men fall inside the ‘normal’ vary of penis length, the considerations concerning penis size and girth could cause low shallowness, sexual pathology, depression, and alternative psychiatric disorders.

It is common for many men to feel conscious about their penis size because of the over-hyped idea of 'normal' penis size. And everybody knows that the pumps, pills, exercise are not much effective as compared to the surgery. Or are they?

Dick Enlargement Surgery - as the name suggests, a dick enlargement surgery is invasive, painful and fraught with risks. There are two forms of male enhancement surgeries – one to extend the length and therefore the second to extend the girth of the penis. Most doctors suggest this surgery solely to people who have terribly tiny penises.


How to Enlarge the Penis?

The vast majority of the well-publicized techniques for increasing the size of the male penis are ineffective. Some of them might permanently harm your penis, as well. Products and methods like these are often advertised:

Medicine and cosmetics generally include vitamins, minerals, herbs, or hormones that producers claim to increase the size of the penis. However, it can't be said for certain that any of these items function. As well as potentially hazardous.

Temporarily penis lengthening may be achieved with a vacuum pump. However, if you use one too often or for too long, you run the risk of damaging the elastic tissue in your penis, which may result in weaker erections.

Vacuum Pumps are occasionally used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction because they stimulate the penis to enlarge by drawing blood into the area.

Exercises, hand-over-hand movements drive blood from the base of the penis up toward the head of the penis in these exercises, also known as jelqing.

Stretching, a penile traction device known as a penile extender, is attached to the penis for mild tension during stretching.

No scientific evidence supports this procedure, even though it seems safer than other options. Scarring, discomfort, and deformity are all possible consequences of this.

A penis enlargement device has what advantages?

For the most part, penis enlargement devices work well to get men into erections. In contrast to surgically implanted penile prostheses, this procedure is painless. The time it takes to get an erection varies from person to person, but you can plan on it lasting about 30 minutes. Some guys use the pump before foreplay, while others wait until right before intercourse to do so. It's reasonable to say that these gadgets don't have the adverse effects associated with ED drugs.

A penile pump is typically less costly in the long term than drugs or other therapies since it may be used frequently without incurring additional expenses. Penis enlargement devices have the additional benefit of being useful following medical operations, such as radiation treatment for prostate cancer or surgery to remove the prostate.

Recommended doctors for Dick Enlargement Surgery in India

CureIndia helps you choose the right doctor for your medical treatment. Most of the doctors in our associated hospitals have been internationally trained and are active members of many international medical councils and associations.

Let's hear from some of the most reputed doctor's for dick enlargement surgery in India.

1) Dr. Gautam Banga


Dr. Gautam Banga is a reconstructive urologist and andrologist in Delhi NCR. He is one of the best doctors for penile implants in India with the highest satisfaction rates. He gets patients from the middle east, CIS, Russia & Europe. He is an international faculty in andrology & reconstructive urology and is invited by several countries in their national conferences including Tunisia, Iraq, Germany, Kurdistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan.

2) Dr. Vijyant Govinda


Dr. Vijyant Govinda Gupta is a renowned name amongst the medical tourists coming to India for penile implants. He specializes in doing indian malleable implant surgery for domestic as well as international patients. He is a member of the European Association of Urology and Urological Society of India. He is the only triple certified penile implant surgeon in Delhi with an experience of 14 years.

3) Dr. Raman Tanwar


Dr. Raman Tanwar is an internationally-trained urologist, andrologist & sexologist working with renowned hospitals of Delhi NCR. He has a vast experience of both imported & Indian penile implants. He has been awarded by the British Medical Association, Indian Medical Association, International Society of Sexual Medicine, Urological Society of India, Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International, Men’s Health Society of India, Indian Association of Urogenital Surgeons, World Science Congress and many other state level organisations.

4) Dr. Vineet Malhotra


Dr. Vineet Malhotra is the best urologist & sexologist in Delhi with vast experience in treating men with ED. He specializes providing a wide range of treatment options for ED cure and male infertility. Over 17 years of experience in minimally invasive urological & andrological procedures have led him to the pinnacle in the same field.

Symptoms and Potential Dangers

Penis enlargement surgery is fraught with danger at every stage, including the possibility of unpleasant side effects. Several adverse alterations occurred, including sexual dysfunction, penile deformity that rendered the patient unable to engage in sexual activity, extreme shortening, bending, edema, subcutaneous lumps, inflammation, and wounds that would not heal. A person can go through:

  • Alterations in the contour of the penis as a result of bruising at the surgery site
  • Abrasions around the perimeter of the penis
  • Bruising and bleeding near the incision infection swelling
  • Discomfort associated with an erection together with a momentary loss of feeling in the penis

In addition, several pre-operative needs must be considered before the operation. For instance, the individual must have already had circumcision to go through with an augmentation procedure using silicone implants. In such case, they will be required to be circumcised before we can continue. Using anesthetic during surgical procedures is not without its share of potential complications. These potential adverse consequences include, among others:

  • Issues with the regular beat of the heart
  • Sedation might result in bewilderment when the patient awakens.
  • Sensitivity to the effects of the anesthetic
  • Consciousness when under the knife

In patients who suffer from sleep apnea, there is a potential for an increased risk of problems both during and after general anesthesia. This is because an anesthetic can cause the throat to shut, making it more challenging for the patient to regain consciousness and resume breathing following surgery.

Dick Enlargement Surgery in India: Phalloplasty

Phalloplasty is that the construction or reconstruction of a dick, or the artificial modification of the dick by surgery. The term plastic surgery is additionally sometimes used to confer with dick enlargement/dick enlargement surgery. Phalloplasty needs an established erectile corrective to realize an erection and consists of three parts:

  • Length enhancement
  • Girth enhancement
  • Granular enhancement

Penile Lengthening Procedure

Phalloplasty is a dick enhancement procedure for length, girth and glanular enhancement. Penile lengthening is one of the dick enhancement surgery procedures in which the doctors move up the hidden part of the penis. This part makes about one-third the length of the entire penis. It is a widely used procedure for penis enlargement and the success rates are quite high.

Girth Enhancement

There are two ways by which we can increase the thickness of the penis, one is an injection of the fat and the second is by putting a dermal graft. Along with the penile lengthening, girth enhancement surgery is also carried out. A dermal graft is a more-long lasting and effective method of girth enhancement as a good length can be achieved by it. It is usually taken from the non-utilized part of the body like the hips or thighs. Two strips of dermal grafts are taken and the wounds are sutured. These two dermal grafts are deepithelized, and then dermal grafts are put on the dorsal surface of the penis, i.e. the upper part of the penis and the skin is placed back onto the penis, and the patient can achieve excellent girth enhancement with dermal graft.

Glanular Enhancement

Glanular enhancement of the penis is quite an essential component of penile lengthening as it helps in the overall appearance of the penis. After the girth enhancement, the glance of the penis would look smaller as compared to the overall penile length and girth, hence glanular enhancement is necessary. In glanular enhancement, Hyaluronic acid, as well as micro fat, is injected into the glance to provide a thicker and a bigger glance and then all the three components, are complete and the patient can resume normal sexual activity 15-20 days after glanular enhancement.

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Other Dick Enhancement Procedures

If you are looking for the best and effective treatment for a bigger size of the penis is dick enlargement surgery. Most advertised penis-enlargement methods are not much effective, here are some of them:

Topical ointments, lotions and applications

When searching for erectile organ improvement dick, you'll be able to realize something from oil, creams, gels and lotions. These are tropical applications that claim to contain herbs, supplements, vitamins and minerals which may nourish and increase penis size. Most of that merchandise hasn't shown any tested results and there are not any documented studies on them.

Enhancement Devices

the second class of male enlargement surgery techniques is the devices. These devices, like the vacuum pump, are nothing however contraptions that claim to extend penile length/ penis enlargement. The pump is such a tool wherever you insert your phallus into the cylindrical formed chamber. This cylinder is controlled and sucks in air, inflicting a rise within the flow of blood to your phallus. Although this pump might have some advantages, long-run use might cause harm to blood vessels or tearing of your ligaments. Some of the opposite ordinarily oversubscribed devices include phallus stretchers, weights which will be hooked up to the penis, penis rings and similar devices. It's best to avoid each one of those.



When it comes to dick enlargement surgery many exercises, particularly jelqing and kegel, will facilitate strengthen the penis and improve blood flow. These exercises square measure safe and might be performed on your own. Once you recognize the way to do them properly, you'll be able to do them reception – while not having to pay any cash on any medicines, devices or instrumentality.

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the foremost effective of all dick enlargement surgery and male enlargement techniques is oral pills. Most of those pills are fabricated from flavoured remedies that work safely and naturally. Use caution to pick out pills that don't have any pharmacologic ingredients although. Since they're the safest different to increase penis size, heaps of makers swindle their customers by providing substandard pills that don't work.

Thus, surgery to make your dick bigger or dick enlargement surgery or penis enlargement is the most effective technique aimed to extend the dimensions of the phallus. Some ways aim to extend the total length, others the shaft's girth, and nevertheless others the anatomical structure size. Techniques embrace male enlargement surgery, supplements, ointments, patches, and physical ways like pumping and traction.

How to Lengthen the Penis?

Many guys feel that enlarging their penises would improve their love life or increase their attractiveness to women and other men. However, there's a good possibility your penis falls within the normal range of sizes. Although if your penis is much smaller than usual, it is possible that your spouse will not care about the difference. It's also impossible to grow a penis since no documented method exists.


How long will it take to do the surgery?

It takes one to two hours of operation time for all of our Penis Enlargement procedures. You may go back to your usual routine following a six-hour procedure from admission to release from the hospital.

What is the expected length of my stay in the hospital?

You'll need to remain in the clinic for at least three to four hours after the procedure. Our nurse will be there to care for you during this time, and food will be supplied. You will typically have very little to no pain or discomfort while doing your routine activities, including walking. You may go home as soon as your surgeon has given the all-clear.

How much will it cost to have the surgery?

It is impossible to generalize the expenses of surgical therapy since each patient's situation is unique. Starting at $4500, Penis Enlargement surgery is an all-inclusive procedure. If you're a candidate, medical supplies, hospital fees, and anesthetist costs will be included in the surgery cost. The surgeon's charge and follow-up visits will also be included in this all-inclusive price.