Gender reassignment surgery male to female in India

Gender reassignment surgery male to female in India

Gender reassignment surgery male to female in India

Gender reassignment surgery is chiefly known as sex change surgery or genital reconstruction surgery. It is a procedure that is undertaken on an individual to alter their sexual structure. Gender reassignment surgery male to female changes both an individual's appearance and the function of his genital organs. The procedure is performed on those individuals who are recognized as transgender. Upon the completion of the sex-change surgery, they are identified as transsexuals.  

Regardless to mention, a lot of people from the USA, Europe and Australia are born with gender dysphoria. They often get the thought that the genders they are born with are not suitable. In fact, biological men can behave more like a female, which not only affect their mental health but also their social life. Therefore, if you see yourself more in the point of view of a woman, make sure to go through the gender dysphoria diagnosis. You will be glad to know that gender reassignment surgery male to female in India can assist you in obtaining your desired gender.

Moreover, the healthcare programs in India provides several counselling processes to ensure if the patient is mentally and physically okay to go through surgical procedures. The health care centers from India offer their full support and assistance to the transgender so that they can identify their own being and can incorporate themselves in the society perfectly.      

Sex reassignment surgery procedures

While involving in the procedures of sex change male to female, the patient needs to undergo both surgical procedures and hormone therapy. The surgical procedure helps to attain the primary genital changes on an individual. On the other side, hormone therapy assists a person to obtain secondary characteristics. Take a look at the below-mentioned procedure that gender reassignment surgery male to female in India offers the patients with-

1) Breast creation and breast implants

The first surgical process that comes under the gender reassignment surgery male to female is the breast creation and breast implants surgery. In this process, a biological male with gender dysphoria can easily obtain his desired sized breast through plastic surgery. In fact, after successful breast prosthesis, the outcome is amazing. The prosthetic breasts look very natural. This cosmetic surgical process corrects the malformation of the chest walls, which makes your breasts appear bigger. The surgical procedure involves a transitory breast prosthesis, which is used during the practice to form permanent breasts on the male body.

However, after receiving the sex-change operations male to female, a male can thoroughly relish the outer appearance of breasts. But he will not be able to participate in breast-feeding. The augmented breast will only allow a male to highlight the feminine appearance. 
The procedure is somewhat similar to female breast increase surgery. While the ongoing of the practice, a cut is made around the breast and a rightly sized saline implant is inserted into the area and stitched. The surgery requires several methods including transaxillary, periareolar, and inframammary.

There is no severe complications are seen after the procedure. The gender reassignment surgery male to female in India is considerably affordable compared to other countries. Besides, the surgical practice is operated by skilled surgeons and specialists. Thus, they take well care of the patients and provide post-surgery dos and don'ts to halt serious issues. However, the patient might feel fatigued, pain around the breast, which is absolutely normal.

2) Penile removal (Penectomy) and Testes removal

The most important surgical practice of gender reassignment surgery male to female is the penile removal or penectomy and testes removal or orchiectomy. In this procedure, the male sex organs are removed through certain operation methods and a prosthetic vagina is created at that place. 

While performing the male to female bottom surgery, at first the surgeons make an incision at the part of the scrotum. After that, the scrotums are removed and the incision area is closed through the stitching. When the testes are abolished from the male body, the production of the male hormone, testosterone is completely stopped. However, the scrotum tissue will be further needed to implant the prosthetic vagina.
The next stage of gender reassignment surgery male to female following the female genital organ creation is penectomy. In this procedure, the entire parts of the penis and initially and an opening is created for urination. The foreskin of the penis is preserved to use them while practising the vaginoplasty procedure.

3) Vagina creation

The vagina creation chiefly known as the vaginoplasty is one of the most challenging surgical practices in case of gender reassignment surgery male to female. But thanks to the experienced Indian surgeons who operate the transgender with great care and provide them with a reformed lifestyle. However, before undergoing this procedure, the patients need to follow some essential procedures like having electrolysis, losing some weight if required, quit smoking, etc. 

At first, to take on the male to female vaginoplasty, the surgeons will create both the inner and outer labia of your prosthetic vagina, by using the tissue from the scrotum and penis. Afterwards, they would build a urethra. Following it, the surgeons will next use the foreskin of your penis to create your new vagina. Also, the surgeons will build the vaginal canal to create the inside walls of the vagina. Usually, to create the vaginal walls, the surgeons make use of the skins of your scrotum. However, if the scrotum skin is not sufficient enough, he will use the tissues from your abdomen area. Moreover, you are less likely to receive any scar there.

If you are wondering whether you will get to feel the perfect orgasms, make sure to go through the surgical practice from gender reassignment surgery male to female in India. It is because they understand your requirements and build your prosthetic vagina in such a way that you will get to relish orgasms. The Indian surgeons use the tissues of the penis and scrotum to form the clitoris in your newly created vagina to ensure that you can attain orgasms to some extent. Vaginoplasty surgery is the final genital surgery procedure. 

4) Facial feminization surgery (FFS)

The main purpose of the facial feminization surgery in gender reassignment surgery male to female is developing the feminine facial features by reducing the masculinity look. In fact, the FFS surgery leaves more impact on the transgender than the genital surgeries. To receive the FFS surgical procedure, one has to first undergo the forehead procedure. It is the most basic operation where the forehead is contoured by reducing the prominent appearance of your brow bone. 

After the forehead, the next that comes within the FFS gender reassignment surgery male to female is the advancement of hairlines. In this procedure, the male pattern baldness in halted through surgical practice. Both these procedures are often paired with the eyebrow lift surgery to make the eyebrows curve and beautiful.

Rhinoplasty is the most popular FFS surgery which is widely known as nose surgery. Through cosmetic surgery, the surgeons enable you to cherish a gorgeous sharp feminine-like nose. Chin and Jaw contouring are also included as a part of FFS. It is worth considering cheek implant surgery is less likely to be performed. However, gender reassignment surgery male to female in India allows you to receive it at an affordable budget. Moreover, the upper lift surgery, neck liposuction, fat infusion in lips, etc are also involved in FFS. 

5)  Voice Feminization

To complete the entire gender reassignment surgery male to female, the surgeons from India suggest undergoing the voice feminization surgery. It allows the transgender to adapt the voice modulation of the females. With the treatment, you can notice a change in the pitch and notation of your voice. The voice feminization surgery also assists an individual in acquiring non-verbal interaction patterns. It will deliberately make certain changes in your prosody and vocal resonance. The voice feminization surgical practice chiefly includes two procedures- CTA or cricothyroid approximation and anterior glottal web formation. The surgery is chiefly follower by a voice therapy that addresses articulation, quality of your voice, phrasing and speech rate, etc.  

6) Hormone therapy

 As per the doctors, the hormone therapy in gender reassignment surgery male to female helps the patients to acquire the secondary feminine characteristics. The injection of the female hormones like estrogen and progesterone assist in reducing the masculine features such as increasing the breast tissues, decreasing the mass and strength of the muscle lowers the production of the male hormone testosterone and also slows down the growth of the facial and body hair. However, as hormone therapy can only boost the secondary characteristics, surgical treatments are mandatory. It is worth considering that the male to female surgery cost in India is a way more inexpensive throughout the world. 

Sex reassignment surgery in India

A lot of transgender women from the USA, Australia and Europe have got to relish a completely reformed body after undertaking the gender reassignment surgical processes. The success rate of sex-change surgery is quite high in India. Therefore, if you feel like your soul is trapped in the wrong body, do not hesitate to contact the best Indian surgeons to receive stunning surgical treatments.