Patient Detail

Hair Transplant Surgery

Are you looking for a permanent solution for your balding head, but low on budget? If yes, this video is for you. CureIndia can help you get a low-price hair transplant in India with unlimited FUE grafts.

Mr. Omar traveled all the way from New York, USA to New Delhi to get his hair transplant done. He combined his hair transplant procedure with a variety of other cosmetic procedures and CureIndia assisted him in getting the best procedures by the best doctors.

CureIndia arranged for a consultation with a certified hair transplant surgeon and Mr. Omar discussed his preferences of getting a V shaped front hairline along with entire bald area coverage, and our hair transplant surgeon assured him of the results. Before coming to New Delhi, Mr. Omar searched for low price hair transplant in India, and ended up booking at a much higher price.

CureIndia assisted Mr. Omar get the best hair transplant cost in India without compromising on the number of grafts required or the expertise of the surgeon. The hair transplant procedure started early in the morning with the hair transplant surgeon and 3 assistants. The technique used in the hair transplant was FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Proper planning was done to ensure front, top, and side coverage. The back of the head was the ideal donor area and grafts were taken from the area after local anesthesia. The entire procedure took close to 10-11 hours, of course with breaks.

The hair transplant before and after results were quite impressive with a well-defined V shaped front hairline. Some precautions were advised by the doctor like not getting a direct shower on the head for a couple of days. In the next few weeks, the transplanted hair would be growing and giving a more youthful appearance.