Urology procedure using Medtronic Hugo Robotic-Assisted Surgery System Venkateshwar Hospital

10-11-2022 Urology procedure using Medtronic Hugo Robotic-Assisted Surgery System

Venkateshwar Hospital successfully performs first Urology procedure using Medtronic Hugo Robotic-Assisted Surgery System on 25 Year Old Patient

Venkateshwar Hospital, Delhi's leading multi-super specialty hospital, and India Medtronic Private Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Medtronic plc (NYSE: MDT), recently announced the first urological procedure performed using the Hugo™ robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) system in north India.

The landmark procedure was performed by an expert team led by Dr (Maj. Gen) D V Singh, Director & Head, the Department of Urology & Renal Transplant at Venkateshwar Hospital. The 25-year-old patient had left-side PUJ (Pelvic Ureteric Junction) obstruction and a hugely enlarged kidney with compromised renal function.

He underwent robotic-assisted laparoscopic reconstructive surgery (pyeloplasty) with a stent, leading to the successful preservation of the compromised function of his left kidney, and was discharged from the hospital after two days.

Venkateshwar has also performed the first cystoprostatectomy in the Asia Pacific region with the Hugo™ RAS system. In this procedure, the bladder and prostate glands along with surrounding lymph nodes were removed through a minimally invasive procedure and the patient was discharged from the hospital after four days.  

Kamal Solanki, CEO, of Venkateshwar Hospitals said, "The introduction of robotic assisted surgery reinforces our commitment to adopt cutting-edge technologies and deliver high-quality clinical services and uncompromised patient care. The new technology complements the expertise of our clinicians and help us enhance treatment offerings to cater to the growing need of our national and international patients."

Talking about the first surgery, Dr. Y P Bhatia, Chairman Advisory Council, Venkateshwar Hospitals said, "These procedures mark an important step forward in bringing the benefits of robotic-assisted surgery to many more patients whose health conditions require surgical treatment in specialties such as Urology, Gynecology, and General Surgery. I believe we are now entering a new phase of providing greater access, flexibility, and care to our patients."

Dr (Maj. Gen) D V Singh, Director & Head, Department of Urology & Renal Transplant, Venkateshwar Hospital said, "The Hugo™ RAS system from Medtronic is a state-of-the-art platform in the surgical armamentarium that will empower the specialties to undertake complex procedures through minimal access with enhanced flexibility and high precision. We at Venkateshwar Hospital feel privileged in offering high-quality surgical solutions to our patients, especially those suffering from challenging surgical conditions."

"Every patient in India deserves access to quality care and the benefits of minimally invasive surgery. Robotic-assisted surgery is key to making that possible. Medtronic technologies like the Hugo™ RAS system are creating a bold new era in healthcare, and we are happy to partner with Venkateshwar Hospitals to help patients when they need it the most," said Madan Krishnan, Vice President & Managing Director, Medtronic India.

The Hugo™ RAS system is a modular, multi-quadrant platform designed for a broad range of soft-tissue procedures. It combines wristed instruments, 3D visualization, and Touch Surgery™ Enterprise, a cloud-based surgical video capture and management solution, with dedicated support teams specializing in robotics program optimization, service, and training. The Hugo™ RAS system and Touch Surgery™ Enterprise are designed to bring the benefits of minimally invasive surgery -- fewer complications, smaller scars, shorter hospital stays, and a faster return to normal activities1-3,+ -- to more patients around the world. And, in doing so, help address global inequities in access to care.

Source: MedicalDialogues



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